You can enter your Step/Walk/Run miles manually from your page or you can download the STRAVA APP.

STRAVA Integration 

Download the free STRAVA APP today! Go to and click sign up for free. 

Once you join Strava, you will follow these instructions from your participant tools in the OneCause Miles For Merak Event site on 12/1, when the step challenge begins.   

 You will see the Fitness Activity(s) on the menu inside their fundraising center also called participant tools.  


    1. Manage My Page > Complete Activities > Record Fitness Activities 

    1. Click into Record Fitness Activity  

    1. Follow the prompts in the pop up shown below.  



  • You can choose to enable Strava on any of the walks/runs you create using the checkbox on the TYPES tab. 

    • You also need to choose a “Category” for each Fitness Type that will write data from Strava.  This Category tells the Strava integration which walk/run in Strava should synch to OneCause, and it tells you what Type & Points the workout should receive when synched to OneCause. 

    Tip sheet for manual entry:

    Image preview