2021 Margre Durham Walk for the Animals

How to Register as an Individual Fundraiser

1.    Click the “Register” button at the top right corner of the page.

2.    Choose a method to register and enter the required information.

3.    Click the “Register as an Individual” button.

4.    Enter your information and click the “Next” button.

5.    Select your t-shirt size. T-shirts are given to all participants who raise $75 or more. Click “Next.”

6.    Add additional registrants next (yellow arrow). Children under 13 must be registered at this time. Skip to Step 10 if you are not registering any other participants (purple arrow).

7.    Complete the additional registrant form, selecting a t-shirt size for them as well. Please note, since children under 13 cannot have their own email address or social media accounts, they can register for $25 and receive their t-shirt! Click “save” after entering requested information. Repeat step as needed.

8.    Click “Next” after entering all additional participants.
9.    Provide payment information. Select “Next” (if applicable)
             once complete.

10.    Click the “Finish” button to complete registration.

11.    Click the “Registration Complete- Set up your Page" button.
12.    Customize your Fundraising page with photos, videos and your story! Share with others why supporting the Walk for the Animals is important to you!