Read Feed Run Turkey Trot 2023

Read Feed Run Health and Safety​

Health and safety is our priority so please stay home if you are not feeling well on race day, or if you have recently been in close contact with anyone who is ill.   If you are unable to attend the race in person, you can always participate virtually.

In case of a medical emergency, the Minute Men ambulance will be available on site during the race.  

Masks: Masks are not required,  but you may feel more comfortable carrying one with you should you encounter a congested area.

Social Distancing: Please respect the space of other attendees especially when waiting on check-in or bathroom lines.

Hand Sanitizer: We will have sanitizer located throughout the event site.

Water: There will be cups of water at the water stations, and by the DJ before the race and on the refreshment table after the race. We encourage you to bring a hydration pack or favorite water bottle to alleviate any congestion near the water station(s) and to reduce our environmental impact.  Water coolers will be available for you to fill your water bottle. 

Start Lines. If you prefer a more socially distanced start, we recommend that you wait until the final pace group (13+minutes per mile) is called to the start line and follow the last runners towards the start line. For the 1M, please spread out as your comfort level dictates and start within the first 5 minutes of the official start as there is no recorded timing or scoring for the 1M. For safety reasons, we strongly discourage the use of baby joggers and strollers on the race course. If you choose to use them, you will be asked to begin the race behind all the other race participants. Please note that there is a one-hour cutoff for the race completion per town regulations.

Personal Possessions:   Please do not leave your personal possessions, such as jackets, bags or tee shirts by the Police Station or on the course.   This area must remain clear.

On event morning, by entering our event site in any capacity, you are confirming your acceptance and agreement to the following:

I have not been in close or sustained contact with anyone who was sick within the past 14 days.

I understand the risks and possibility of contracting covid-19 or any other virus at an in-person gathering.

I take personal responsibility for that risk to my own health and safety.