Fundraising Tips for Success

  1. Success Starts With You!

    • At any point during THE HUNT, you can make a personal donation to your team.  Make it even more interesting by pledging to your friends that you'll match the donations made to your team, or perhaps commit to make a donation when a friend/colleague signs up to participate.
    • Ask friends, family, and colleagues for donations by using the templates from your fundraising page. Reach out easily to your network through email, text, and social media. Make it personal, and see the donations roll in! More fundraising equals more points for your team.
    • Pay attention to the Scheduled Mission Calendar. Some days have bonus points tied to certain fundraising activities, so be strategic with your fundraising and maximize your points!

  1. Recruit Other HUNTers

    • When you recruit your friends, family, and colleagues to join your team, you can earn points on THE HUNT.
    • Do you have a family next door who likes getting out and having fun? Maybe another business in your office building or a client who likes to give back? Recruit other companies/individuals to register for THE HUNT, and get points when they sign up. Not only does it engage more folks in THE HUNT, but it means more fundraising, which ultimately helps us reach our goal.
    • Ask the folks you recruit to give an additional donation at the time they register.

  1. Post on Social Media

    • Pick a day during the week to take some fun team photos or videos of you and your team. Create a post on your Facebook or Instagram highlighting your involvement in THE HUNT, and have your teammates share it.
    • Facebook Fundraisers can sync with your fundraising page, so donations made through Facebook will automatically be added to your team's total. Plus, Facebook passes 100% of the donation along to our agency, so there's no cost to us.
    • Tag other individuals on social media and challenge them to make a donation. Even more fun? After a friend makes a donation to your page, tag them with a personalized GIF that reminds you of them. It'll draw attention to your posts (and probably get a few laughs).
    • Make sure to pay attention to the days when posting on social media can get you bonus points on THE HUNT!

  1. Fundraise at the Office

    • Create mini-competitions WITHIN your company. Set some funny stakes, like a pie in the face, and see which department/branch can outraise the others!
    • Have a Jeans Day, Hat Day, Badger Fan Day, costume contest, etc., with $5 for everyone who wants to participate. Collect the money and enter it as an offline donation for your team. 
    • Get you customers/clients involved! Put out a tip jar, ask customers to round-up their purchases, run a Penny War between branches/locations, ask for customers to donate for a chance at a prize, etc. THE HUNT is a great way to show your clients that you're committed to giving back in the community, so take pride in sharing your involvement!
    • Use your company's gift matching program, or ask if you can get one started. If your company offers a match, make sure you know the process so you can not only get your gift matched, but tell your colleagues how to secure a match when they make THEIR gift! If your company doesn't have a gift matching program, see if there's an opportunity to get some corporate support behind your employee engagement.

Have some great ideas for raising BIG? Share them with us and let us share with other fundraisers! Your competitive self may want to keep your best strategies close to the chest, but don’t forget that the more successful EVERY person is, the more resources we have at Big Brothers Big Sisters to make meaningful mentoring relationships for kids in our community. So spread the wealth, share your tips, and let’s make a difference for our Littles!