7 Steps to Get Started and Succeed on THE HUNT 

Registration, Fundraising, and Scavenger Hunt Information

THE HUNT consists of two main activities that use two different platforms:

  • Fundraising for BBBS, which happens via OneCause, the fundraising website you’re on right now.
  • Completing Missions to earn points during the scavenger hunt (April 29th-May 22nd), which happens via GooseChase, a scavenger hunt app.

STEP 1:  Register for THE HUNT and join or start a team

  • If you already registered and joined a team when you registered, skip to STEP 2!
  • Already registered but not on a team? Join or start a team here. Teams can have up to 6 adult participants, so invite your friends to join you or create their own team!
  • Kids are free to register, so go ahead and sign up the whole family! Ideal team sizes are 3-5 people with a maximum of 6 adults, but no worries if your kid count pushes you over the limit. If that happens, just remember that if your team earns a prize for each HUNTer, your team would receive a maximum of 6 prizes--not one per person.
  • Once THE HUNT begins, teams can complete Missions together in-person or divide them up to cover more ground.

STEP 2: Download GooseChase (scavenger hunt app) on your mobile device.

  • Find the GooseChase iOS or Android app, and download on the device you’ll be using during THE HUNT. If you are on your phone now, these links will take you directly to download the app.
  • You can choose to play as a guest or register for a personal account.
  • Once you’re in GooseChase, find THE HUNT by using game code WP69KP or by searching for BBBS Dane County THE HUNT 2022.
  • Follow the prompts to find your team, which will have the same name as the team you joined/created on OneCause. PLEASE NOTE: teams are uploaded into GooseChase once a day. If you can’t find your team name, it probably hasn’t been added yet, so give it 24 hours and check again. All submissions in Goosechase should be from your own work during THE HUNT this year. Please keep it fair and do not submit photos from the previous HUNT or stock photos found on the internet. If you have any issues finding your team in Goosechase or need any help please contact Bethany Ordaz at

STEP 3: Start fundraising and earn points for your team before THE HUNT even begins! 

  • THE HUNT won't officially begin until Friday, April 29th, but there will be some Early Bird Missions that can help you earn points NOW! You can receive points for picking up your team's t-shirts and materials, recruiting other HUNTers, and getting started with fundraising, so get going and give your team a head start! 
  • Once you're registered, use your OneCause fundraising page to ask friends, family, and colleagues to donate to your team, just like they would for a 5K (or for our traditional Bowl for Kids’ Sake event!).
  • While we're aiming to raise over $100,000, average donations are just $20--there's no gift too big or too small! Everyone doing their part can make a big difference for the Littles in our program.

STEP 4: Find THE HUNT on Facebook and follow along for updates.

  • Visit our Facebook page, find THE HUNT on the Events tab, and mark that you’re “Going” to the event. 
  • We’ll be posting regularly with clues for Missions, tips for fundraising, opportunities to earn bonus points, and much more. These updates won’t come through email, so turn on your notifications so you don’t miss out!

STEP 5: Pick-up your t-shirt and materials, because who doesn’t love free stuff?!?!

  • Keep an eye out for an email with more details about our materials pick-up the week of April 25th. You’ll get a t-shirt and other fun goodies to help you on THE HUNT, plus points for completing an Early Bird Mission.

STEP 6: Get HUNTing April 29th-May 22nd

  • On April 29th, dozens of Missions will show up in the GooseChase app, and new Missions will be added throughout THE HUNT.
  • Using GooseChase, your team will earn points by submitting photos or videos, checking in at certain locations, or submitting responses to questions. Harder Missions = more points, so strategize with your team to earn as many points as you can!
  • Missions will highlight Dane County landmarks and local businesses, but will also include fun challenges you can complete from home. 
  • While most Missions can be done anytime, some will take place at a set time/location. We’ve also got bonus points for fundraising that are only on certain days, and you won’t want to miss out! Make sure you check out our Scheduled Missions Calendar for all the details.

STEP 7: There are lots of ways to win on THE HUNT!

  • For competitive HUNTers: the stakes are high. We'll have premium prize packages for Top Teams, so get to work on your strategy to maximize your chances.
  • For Matches: we'll be on the lookout for the Matches Making the Most, so get HUNTing and your pair can walk away with prizes (even if you're not at the top of the leaderboard!).
  • For all our HUNTers: At the end of THE HUNT, we'll have multiple prize baskets for teams to win. Each point you've earned gets you an entry, so rack up the points for more chances to WIN BIG!