Time for Equality

If you've already sent out requests to friends, family and colleagues and haven't reached your fundraising goal, don't worry! Here are a few ways to help!

Strong Results = Polite Follow Up

Have you ever received a message from a friend and were too busy to answer right away? It happens to everyone and just because you haven't received a donation from someone, doesn't mean they don't want to support you. Check in with them! You'll probably find that they're happy for the reminder.

Here are tools and tricks to help:

  • ​Use your personal Fundraising Center to see who hasn't responded
    • Click MANAGE MY PAGE on your profile menu
    • Click RAISE AT LEAST $$$
    • Click ASK FRIENDS and scroll to the bottom
    • You'll see a list of messages you sent from your fundraising center and who hasn't responded. You can resend the message if you'd like.
  • Try reaching your friends differently
    • If you used the fundraising center, maybe send the your personal fundraising link directly from your email client (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). Spam and other filters may have prevented your message from being delivered.
    • Send a text message
      • Follow the steps above and then click ASK USING TEXT
      • Enter YOUR phone number and you'll receive a pre-written message on your phone
      • Copy/paste the message and send it your friends you're still waiting to back from
    • Try using social media direct messaging. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have ways that you can contact your friends. Don't be afraid to use them!

​Give them a reason to donate

Take a look at your personal fundraising page? When you signed up did you take the time to tell your story and why you're supporting HRC? Is there a photo, message or other content you could add that would make your ask more compelling?

Here are some places you can look to help you tell your story:

  • ​VIDEOS - HRC has an award-winning video department that distributes timely and meaningful content. You can access the latest videos at www.youtube.com/hrcmedia. Here's how to add a video to your page:
    • Find a video you like using the link above
    • On YouTube, click SHARE
    • Click EMBED and then COPY the code (don't worry if you don't understand what the code means)
    • Return to your Fundraising Center by clicking MANAGE MY PAGE and then SET UP MY PAGE
    • PASTE the code into the box in the middle of your settings that says INCLUDE YOUTUBE STREAM CODE
    • Press SAVE
  • NEWS - The fight for Equality faces new challenges every day! Take a look at some recent headlines so that you can update your story and how it relates to HRC. The most recent news can be found at hrc.org/news
  • PHOTOS - YOU are the best embodiment of your HRC story. Posting a picture of your support goes a long way!
    • Return to your Fundraising Center by clicking MANAGE MY PAGE and then ADD PHOTOS
    • Use the wizards to upload photos or import them from social media