Time for Equality

Setting a fundraising goal is a key part of your success as an Equality Captain. By committing to an amount, you show leadership and establish benchmark for your friends, family and colleagues to support.

​How do I determine my goal?

The past year has been very challenging with the COVID-19 pandemic and the crucial election cycle. If you've been a supporter of HRC in the past, think about how much you were able to raise. Here are some examples:

  • ​Were you a Table Captain? Past Table Captains from gala events on average raised $2,500 in ticket sales
  • Did you attend a Gala Event? The cost of a ticket to past galas was between $200 and $400
  • Did you volunteer at a Pride event to sign up members? HRC membership is $35, so if you signed up 10 people, you raised $350.

If you've never fundraised before, don't worry! When you registered, we suggested a goal for you. Try asking a few friends and see if you can reach it.

​I reached my goal! Now what?

CONGRATULATIONS! Reaching your fundraising goal is a big accomplishment and HRC is very thankful for your commitment to equality. We want to recognize your success as one of our top leaders. Here are the levels of recognition you can reach:

  • ​Bronze - $500 raised
  • Silver - $1,000 raised
  • Gold - $2,500 raised
  • Platinum - $5,000 raised
  • Titanium - $10,000 raised

We know that you can reach the next level! Keep using the Equality Captain tools and platform. Here's how to adjust your goal:

  • ​Return to your Fundraising Center by clicking MANAGE MY PAGE on your profile and then SET UP MY PAGE
  • Enter your new goal and click SAVE