CT Walk for Autism+Resource Fair+Employment Showcase 2023

Inclusive Employment Showcase:  to educate and energize the community about the benefits, and details, of inclusive employment. 

Diversity & Inclusion in the workforce is becoming more prevalent each year. However, special populations, such as those with autism, often struggle to understand the methods, processes, and best practices needed to pursue employment - and inclusion - in the workplace.
Selected employers and private agencies share their best practices, their success stories, and their ideas to help individuals that may be outside the normal employment channels find tools for employment and inclusion in the workplace.​  

Our Goals for this showcase:

  1. Bring greater awareness to the need for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and provide meaningful examples of how that is accomplished – for ASD community and for overall IDD community 
  2. Provide resources for individuals and families to learn about:
    • Transitions, skill set evaluations, options;
    • Employment:  Aligning hopes/dreams with current skill sets and developing a plan for the future

      1. Typical Steps in the process
      2. Identifying opportunities
      3. Skill set assessments
      4. Coaching
      5. Onboarding
      6. Transportation
      7. Maintaining a healthy and fruitful business relationship
      8. Ongoing skill development

ATTENDEES: There is NO CHARGE for Attendees but you MUST BE REGISTERED (Registration IS OPEN)!! 

Learn from organizations that emphasize diversity and inclusion in their day-to-day operations, either as employers or as transition organizations.  Ask questions about how they work with special populations, what processes and best practices they follow, what their suggestions are for families and individuals, and how their workplace environment is suited for inclusion and diversity.

EXHIBITOR and PARTICIPANT ORGANIZATIONS: Registration is Required. Please Click on "Exhibitors and Sponsors" in the Nav Bar (top) and scroll down to "REGISTER TODAY" or CLICK HERE

*We ask that exhibitors consider being a sponsor; non-sponsors may register as an "exhibitor only" at the rate of $395 to offset our costs for tents, tables, etc. 

Come and tell your story to participants in a format that allows attendees to understand general best practices your organization follows in D & I, and how you make a difference. We hope that you will showcase your organization and how it helps special populations navigate the often difficult path to employment.