Walk for Hope 2024

Sample Messages


    - I'm walking to provide HOPE and housing to every household on Cape Cod! #HACWalkforHope24 #housing #livablecommunities

    - Join me in celebrating the 50th anniversary of @haconcapecod with meaningful steps toward housing stability! #HACWalkforHope24 #housing #capecod

    - Did you know? Nearly 850 households who make under $100,000 leave the Cape each year because they can't find housing. I'm participating in #HACWalkforHope24 to help reverse that trend! #housingcrisis

    - I want to live in a safe community, but police and fire departments across Cape Cod are struggling to fill at least 50 job openings because applicants can't afford to live here. That's why I'm Walking for Hope on May 19th - will you support me and our community? #HACWalkforHope24 #livablecommunities

    - A gift of $35 to my Walk for Hope can help a person experiencing homelessness obtain vital records such as an ID or birth certificate so that they can enroll in the services they need. #HACWalkforHope24 #housing #capecod

    - A gift of $50 to my Walk for Hope can connect people in a housing crisis to services at Housing Assistance that help them stay safely housed. #HACWalkforHope24 #housing #capecod #homelessnessprevention

    - A gift of $100 to my Walk for Hope secures one night of shelter for a homeless mother and her child. #HACWalkforHope24 #homeless #capecod

    - A gift of $250 to my Walk for Hope provides foreclosure counseling at Housing Assistance to a household at risk of losing their home. #HACWalkforHope24 #homelessnessprevention #capecod

    - A gift of $500 to my Walk for Hope helps stabilize a household at risk of homelessness due to a one-time crisis. #HACWalkforHope24 #homelessnessprevention

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Hey <INSERT NAME>! I'm fundraising to support Housing Assistance Corporation through the Walk for Hope! Will you support my walk and help give hope to our most vulnerable neighbors who need access to critical housing services? You can donate directly to my fundraiser at <INSERT ONLINE FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN LINK>. Thank you for your generosity!




On May 19th, I'll be supporting Housing Assistance through the Walk for Hope! I'm raising much-needed funds for Housing Assistance Corporation, an organization that has been preventing homelessness and keeping families stably housed on Cape Cod and the Islands for 50 YEARS. My goal is to raise $<INSERT GOAL>. You can support my fundraiser by donating today at <INSERT ONLINE FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN LINK>

As the housing crisis worsens across the region, we all need to step up more than ever before. In 2023 alone, Housing Assistance helped over 6,500 Cape Codders, including seniors, families with children, and our local workforce find - and stay in - stable housing. 

With your support, we can continue to help give HOPE to those who need it most and connect those in need to safe, stable housing. Together, we can take meaningful steps to address the housing crisis. Together, we can make a difference. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support!