2024 Walk to Remember

Go to www.hospicewr.org/wtr

 There are multiple “Register” buttons on the home page.  All the buttons will take you to the following prompt.

 Registration type.

Join an existing team.  Type the first few letters of the existing team  and select the team you want to join.  You can join.  All registration types will be available.  

 Start a new team. Create a team to track activity from friends and families in one place.   The person that creates the team becomes the team captain by default.  The team captain is the person who can make edits to the team fundraising page.

 Register as an Individual. You can also join or create a team later.  

The advantage of signing up through an existing social network is that it eliminates the need to remember another password. You can also register with an email address.   This step is only for registration and does not link to any social media platforms.  Links to social media outlets can be done on your fundraising page.

Enter basic demographic information.

Select your Registration type.

Accept the Waiver

Confirm your registration selections.