Walk A Mile in Their Shoes 2022

If you require some additional support registering, please refer to the instructions below, or feel free to connect with YWCA Regina directly by emailing events@ywcaregina.com


1) Click “Register”
2) Choose how to sign up: You can use your social media accounts or your email address.
3) Follow the prompts to enter your name, email, and password.
4) At this point, you can choose to join an existing team or start a new team. Or you can simply register as an Individual, and take this step later.
5) Enter all your information on the “Your Information” tab
6) Choose your registration type: Registration or Participate Virtually. If you are not joining us in-person on September 15, choose virtual. If you are not sure, choose registration. Carefully read the waiver before clicking “next”
7) Next, if you are registering a friend, co-worker, or family member, you can add their registration by clicking “Add a Registration” (Please note that if you choose this option, you must pay their registration fee and provide at least an email address)
8) Enter your payment information, and click “next”
If you would like, you can make an additional donation at this point
If you have a discount code, you can enter it here
9) Click “Finish” and you are all set. You can download your registration transaction record, but it will also be emailed to you. The email will come from “YWCA Regina” and include your receipt. If you do not see your email within a few minutes, check your junk folder.

Click “Registration Complete – Set Up your Page
You can take a quick tour of your fundraising page. We strongly recommend you do not exit out of the short tour, as it provides important information about setting up your fundraising page.
From here, you can set up your page, add photos, invite your friends to join you, and adjust your fundraising goal.

Join A Team:
1) After registering, if you would like to join an existing team, select “Individual Participant” from your menu.
2) Select “Participate as part of a Team” From this page, you can join an existing team by selecting from the dropdown menu.
You can also select “Form a New Team”

Form A New Team:
1) Enter your team name and click “Save”
2) Customize your team page, including your name, fundraising goal, personal message, photo and logo if you’d like. Once you’ve finished customizing, click "Save"
3) Next, you can grow your team by inviting others to join you in the “Grow Your Team” tab
4) You can also email team members, select when you’d like to receive notifications about team activity, and change the security settings for your team in the “settings” tab

Start Fundraising:
1) Now the fun part! You can get started on reaching your fundraising goals. In the menu, select “Raise at least $100” to open your fundraising tab. Here, you can make a donation, share your appeal via email, text, facebook, or twitter, and thank your donors.
2) Another easy way to share your page is to select “View my page” and simply copy and paste the URL of your personal fundraising page anywhere you’d like to share.
3) Anyone can make a donation to your fundraiser, without having to register.

Happy Fundraising! If you require any assistance at all, we are here to help. Email us at events@ywcaregina.com and we will be happy to help.