Breakaway Winter Adventure for Kids with Cancer

Get active with purpose and
unite to support children with cancer.

January 25 to March 29, 2021

Breakaway Winter Adventure is a solo outdoor challenge designed to raise funds for childhood cancer research and Childhood Cancer Canada programming.

We welcome experienced and leisure athletes, supporters, and families from coast to coast. Anyone can participate and unite in this fun and worthwhile adventure. Jump into the snow and get active with purpose this winter!

The Goods

How does it work?

  1. Register and get ready for fun starting on January 25, 2021.
  2. Earn badges when you complete challenges. Pick challenges that match your participation level – Challenge Road / Fun Lane / Family Avenue (or do all of them!)
  3. Invite friends and family to join you.
  4. Fundraise online for childhood cancer research and Foundation programming.
  5. Join our Strava Club.
  6. Post your fun on your socials and tag @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer


Challenge Road for participants looking to get active!

Shake It Up

Pick a sport or activity you’ve never tried before, or one that you would consider yourself to be an amateur at to get outside of your comfort zone. Minimum of 45 minutes of activity. If you share on social, tag us at @childhoodcancercanada or #BreakawayKidsCancer

Points: 25

7 Day Streak

Break a sweat every day of the same week. Do the same high-intensity activity all week long or change it up everyday. Minimum of 20 minutes of activity each day.

Points: 35

Break the Cold

Workout or participate in an activity in below zero temperatures. Make sure you dress appropriately for the weather. Take a picture and share on your social channels, tagging @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25


Take a selfie at three points during your workout: the start, the middle, and the end. Share your gallery on your social channels using @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

9 Week Stretch

Commit to at least one high-intensity activity for every week of the 9-week Breakaway Winter Adventure. Do the same activity for all 9 weeks or change it up. Aim for at least 45 minutes of activity for each of the weeks.

Points: 35

Weekend Trifecta

Get active all weekend long! Pick one or more high-intensity activities that get your heartrate up and break a sweat on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Do the same activity all weekend long or pick a different activity for each day. Minimum of 45 minutes of activity for each day.

Points: 25

Day & Night

Jumpstart your day and get a good sweat before bed! Achieve two workouts in the same day, one at the start and one at the end. Choose the same activity for both workouts, or two different activities, but make sure you hit at least 30 minutes for each workout.

Points: 25

Personal Best

Pick an activity or sport where you would like to improve your skills. What would be a personal best for you? Set a goal you’d like to achieve and collect the badge once you reach that personal best!

Points: 25

Inside Sweat

Jump on your indoor exercise equipment or participate in any indoor activity that gets you working up a good sweat for at least 60 minutes. Keep up both your workout intensity and heartrate the entire hour. If you share, tag @childhoodcancercanada and #breakawaykidscancer. Cyclists and runners can join our Strava club at:
Points: 25

The Fun Lane for leisure winter lovers!

Walking Boots

Get outdoors and go for a walk or hike. Around the neighbourhood or through the trees - it doesn’t matter as long as you get outside and cover some ground!

Points: 25

5 Day Week

Get outside for at least five days during your week. It doesn’t matter what you do – go for a walk, bundle up on your porch or balcony, or go play in the snow – as long as you are outside for at least 15 minutes and showing winter some love.

Points: 25

Winter Wonderland

Winter is cold – but a beautiful sight! Capture what winter beauty means to you. It could be icicles hanging from a tree, a fresh frost, or an all-white landscape. Be sure to tag @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Snow Art

Enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen snow. Build a snowman or snow sculpture, or if you have a child or someone you would like to remember, make a snow angel in their honour. Tag us at @childhoodcancercanada or #BreakawayKidsCancer if you’d like us to share.

Points: 25

Winter Quest

Head outside and identify the following list of items to complete your quest: pinecone, snowman, frozen ice, icicle, snow shovel and animal tracks. Post any fun finds on social media with the tags @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Weekend Pass

Get outside on both days of your weekend and enjoy the best that winter has to offer for a minimum of 60 minutes. Whatever activity you do – make sure you layer up to stay warm!

Points: 25

Support Local

Local businesses need our support now more than ever. Order take out or do curb side pick up from your favourite local business. Post a photo of your purchase and encourage your loved ones to support their locals too! Don’t forget to tag @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Selfie Walk

Go for a walk outside and document those rosy cheeks! Take 4 to 5 pictures and share your favourite on social media. Don’t forget to tag @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer

Points: 25

Snow Fight

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned snow fight! Get outside with the loved ones in your bubble and then pummel them with snow – just kidding, maybe show some mercy but have fun with it!

Points: 25

Take Family Avenue and involve your loved ones!

Window Dressing

Decorate your windows to help spread happiness to those around you. Get creative – you can do snowflakes for winter, hearts for Valentine’s Day, or words of encouragement for frontline workers. Share your creation with @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Random Act of Kindness

Pay for a stranger's coffee or groceries, donate clothes or blood, create a care bag for an unhoused person, pick up garbage in your neighbourhood - the opportunities are endless. Kindness has never been more important.

Points: 25

PJs All Day

Embrace the stay home philosophy by rocking your PJs all day long. To really kick up the fun, combine this badge with Breakfast for Dinner! Post any photos with @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Bake It Forward

There’s something magical about baked goods fresh from the oven. Bake a large batch and deliver homemade goods to someone you love. Tag your creations with @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 35

Movie Night

Whether it’s a new release or an old favourite, pop some popcorn and snuggle under a blanket with a loved one. Tell us what you watched @childhoodcancercanada and tag #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Cuppa Warm

Maybe you’ve just finished a fun outdoor activity, or maybe it’s just freezing outside. Either way – you deserve a cup of comfort and warmth! Post your mug or lowball on your socials and tag @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Game Night

Put the electronics away and kick it old-school with a good old-fashioned game night! Monopoly, chess, euchre, or a newer game like Pie in the Face. Play with your in-person bubble or virtually over Zoom. Have fun and post your hijinks with @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Dance Party

Warm yourself up by having a dance party with your bubble or household. If you're feeling brave, post your moves on your social channels and tag @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Breakfast for Dinner

Eggs and bacon, pancakes, French toast, or a breakfast casserole – it doesn’t matter what you make, as long as it’s a deviation from your dinner norm. The goal is to have fun and enjoy! Feeling proud of your dish? Tag us with @childhoodcancercanada and #BreakawayKidsCancer.

Points: 25

Childhood Cancer Research

Childhood Cancer Canada is the primary charitable funder of clinical trials and childhood cancer research for C17. The C17 Council is an organization composed of the institutionally appointed heads of the sixteen pediatric hematology, oncology, and stem cell transplant programs across Canada. Their goal is to improve outcomes and quality of life for children and adolescents with cancer and serious blood disorders in Canada. 

This event will also support Foundation programing, including: the COVID-19 Emergency Fund provides financial support to childhood cancer families who have been impacted by the pandemic; EmPower Packs provided to children newly diagnosed with cancer; Survivor Scholarships for childhood cancer survivors with post-secondary academic aspirations; and the Benevolent Fund that provides financial assistance to help a family cover the costs of their child's funeral.

We may not be together - but we can get outside, have fun, and support kids with cancer.
We recommend solo activities or in very small groups. Please refer to winter activity safety guidelines and COVID-19 regulations to keep yourself safe.


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