Breakaway Winter Adventure for Kids with Cancer

Safety Guidelines

Childhood Cancer Canada reminds participants to give safety the highest priority while participating in Breakaway Winter Adventure.

Participants are reminded to please follow the rules of your sport or activity, wear all recommended safety equipment and gear, and to obey all local laws.

For outdoor activities wear brightly coloured and weather appropriate clothing, avoid roads and high traffic situations, make safe choices, and proactively seek and avoid hazards.

Know your location. Before beginning your activity, determine if there are any safety or health hazards and how to address them.

Recommended activities include running, walking, snow shoeing, home workouts, use of an indoor rowing machine, indoor spinning, dancing, etc.

Whatever activity you choose, the best guideline is: Be Alert. Be Wary. Be Seen!

Due to a higher risk of injury, Childhood Cancer Canada recommends participants avoid the following outdoor activities: skiing, tubing, snowboarding, tobogganing, outdoor cycling, snow shoveling, or snowmobiling.