Chefs Cycle 2024



What is Chefs Cycle?

Chefs Cycle is an annual fundraising campaign for No Kid Hungry driven by award-winning chefs and members of the culinary community. The campaign culminates in a 3-day cycling endurance ride along California’s stunning north coast, where participants of all abilities celebrate their fundraising achievements.

How much is registration per person and what is the fundraising commitment?

Registration: $100

Individual required fundraising minimum: $4,000

Where does the money go?

Your financial support makes the important work of ending childhood hunger possible. Thanks to you, we’re ending childhood hunger not just for today or tomorrow, but for good. Every dollar you donate to No Kid Hungry can help feed a child 10 meals. Our sustainable solution to hunger connects kids to existing nutrition programs like the national school breakfast program and the summer meals program. We leverage your donation to help states, cities and communities close the gap between kids who need food and the food itself. Your donation to feed hungry kids helps No Kid Hungry provide critical grants, supplies and technical assistance to feed more kids. It also funds our work to recruit new summer meal sites, help schools provide breakfast for kids facing hunger and teach families how to prevent hunger at home.

Where is Chefs Cycle and how do I get there?

Hotel accommodations are provided at the Flamingo Resort & Spa in Santa Rosa, CA.

Riders are responsible for their own travel and transportation to and from the Flamingo, including all planes, trains and automobiles required for travel.

How does my bike get to Santa Rosa?

Riders are responsible for traveling with, or shipping, their bike to the Flamingo. We are able to provide recommended bike shipping vendors as well we shipping timelines to ensure your bike arrives on time. Check the Travel & Bike Shipping tab for important updates as the ride gets closer.

Is there I deadline to register?

No, you can register at any point before the ride. You will be responsible for the fundraising minimum, regardless of when you register.

Can I withdraw from the event?

Registered riders who are no longer able to attend the in-person ride must notify the Chefs Cycle team by April 1, 2024 in order to avoid the required fundraising minimum. Riders who do not notify the Chefs Cycle team by April 1, 2024 or withdraw after that date will be responsible for meeting the required fundraising minimum.

I can’t ride, but I would like to volunteer. How do I sign up?

Volunteer opportunities will be available as the ride gets closer. Check the “Get Involved” tab on the Chefs Cycle home page for updates.

I forgot my username and/or password. How can I find out what they are?

Registered riders can email and we will send you your login information.


Do I have to fundraise, or can I simply pay the minimum fundraising commitment at the time of registration?

Either! However, we encourage you to share your Chefs Cycle campaign with your network to not only inspire donations, but advocate for the work No Kid Hungry is doing to support hunger in America.

What is the fundraising deadline?

All riders must meet the required fundraising minimum by June 21, 2024. If you have not met the required minimum, the card used at registration will be charged the difference. All fundraising pages will be active and able to receive donations until June 30, 2024.

Can I still fundraise once I meet the required minimum?

Yes! While the required individual fundraising minimum $4,000, we encourage all riders to strive for at least $7,500 in crucial dollars to support No Kid Hungry. When you register, you will have full access to fundraising tools and resources to help you reach above and beyond the minimum.  Every donation makes a difference, and the Chefs Cycle team is here to help you every step of the way.

How do I fundraise?

Personalize your fundraising page, then direct your friends and family to your fundraising page and ask them to donate to your event! We’ve come up with some fundraising tips to help you reach and hopefully exceed your fundraising goal. Visit the Resource Portal for more information.

How can I see who has donated to me?

Log into your participant center and choose "Raise at least $___" option on the left side navigation. From there click the "Thank Your Donors" tab. You will see who has donated and who needs to be thanked.

I have questions on how to navigate and set up my fundraising page.

OneCause provides great resources HERE.


How long is the ride?

Traditionally, Chefs Cycle is 300 miles (100 mi/day).

In 2024, we are excited to offer an alternate 100km route each day, with a shuttle forward for riders who do not wish to complete the full 100 miles.

Which route should I select?

You can choose which route you would like to ride each day. We encourage you prepare for and train for all 300 miles. You have plenty of time! The key is to finish with a smile!

Is there a map of the routes?

Detailed route maps are coming soon!

How far do I have to ride at once?

There are 5-6 rest stops along the routes each day, including a lunch stop. We provide snacks, lunch, hydration, and fuel at each stop. Additionally, there are SAG vehicles joining you along the route. While we encourage you to ride the full route, you can hop in a SAG vehicle for any portion of the ride if you need to.

Do you chip time the event?

No, Chefs Cycle is not timed.  This ride is not about speed - it’s about ending childhood hunger, together. Period.

Do I have to follow the rules of the road?

Yes. Riders are asked to strictly adhere to rules of the road. A safe ride is paramount to the Chefs Cycle experience.


What is a team?

A team is great way for a group of two or more individuals to share their Chefs Cycle experience. In addition to the individual profile pages, a separate team profile page allows you to highlight your team roster and your team story.

How do I start my team?

You are able to start a team during the registration process. If you want to create a team after you've registered, head to your fundraising dashboard.

How do I manage my team?

OneCause has a variety of tools available under "Manage your team." You can customize your Team Name, the team fundraising goal, the team’s message and team photos. You can also grow and communicate with your team directly and set your Notification preferences for when/how you are notified of team updates.

How can I join a team?

You are able to join a team during the registration process. If you want to join a team after you've registered, head to your fundraising dashboard.

How can I invite someone to join my team?

You can utilize the "Invite friends to join you" tab to recruit friends and family to help fundraise via email, text, and social media. You can also see a list of your outstanding invitations to see who has accepted your invitations.

Can teams pool donations?

Yes! However, Team Captains must contact the Chefs Cycle team by June 14, 2024 to coordinate pooled fundraising totals. 


How do I make a donation?

Click on the Donate button in the upper right hand corner and search for the team or participant you wish to donate or make a general donation.

Why does No Kid Hungry ask for so much donor information?

The data we collect is necessary to create accurate donor records and provide appropriate tax acknowledgement information. The information is not used for solicitation purposes. If you have any questions about the information that is being collected, please contact us at

Are all donations tax deductible?

All donations made in the US are tax deductible. The No Kid Hungry campaign is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. For more any questions regarding the financial information, please visit our No Kid Hungry website.

How do I get a tax receipt?

You will receive a tax receipt via email for online donations, and in the mail for check donations.

What is the No Kid Hungry/Share Our Strength Tax ID Number?

Our federal tax identification number (also known as our employer identification number) is 52-1367538.

Whom are checks made payable?

Checks should be made payable to Share Our Strength. Please be sure to include Chefs Cycle 2024, the participant’s name and/or team name in the memo line on the check to ensure the donation is allocated to the appropriate fundraising account.

Where do I mail my fundraising checks?

Do not mail cash.

Share Our Strength – C/o Chefs Cycle

PO Box 715475 

Philadelphia, PA 19171-5475


Contact us at