Chefs Cycle 2024


New to fundraising or need a refresher? Here are some great ideas, tips and strategies you can implement to be successful. For a deep dive into proven fundraising strategies and event/promotion guidelines, review the



  • Make It Personal. Tell your story. Share why you ride, and what No Kid Hungry means to you in your personal message.
  • Add a Photo. Make it easy for friends, family and supporters to find you. You can add additional photos to your personal message.
  • Aim High. Update your fundraising goal above and beyond the required minimum.
  • Share Your Training Efforts. Connect Strava to your profile by clicking Manage My Page > Complete Activities > Log Training Miles.


The most successful Chefs Cycle fundraisers have one thing in common: they ask as many people for support as possible, and they use multiple fundraising strategies. Build a list of personal contacts you can reach out to. Be bold. This is important work. You know more people than you might think!

This may include...

  • Friends and family
  • Current or former colleagues and classmates
  • Your professional, volunteer, or religious network
  • Vendors, purveyors and suppliers
  • Your social media connections
  • Club and professional organization networks

Stuck? Think you don’t know anyone, or you’ve “already asked everyone”? Check out the Resource Center for brainstorming tools.


Just asking is the #1 most effective way to fundraise.

Emails & Letters

Now that your fundraising page is updated, and you have a solid foundation of potential donors, share your link far and wide. Send emails, texts, and/or printed letters with a QR code. Don’t be afraid to follow up or send reminders. On average, it can take up to 7 asks before a donation is received. Remember to thank your donors!

Email/Letter Templates

Use your Dashboard

Send an email directly through your Participant Center. You can add up to 20 email addresses at a time, and your link is automatically included. You can (and should) customize the pre-drafted email.

Social Media

Post your link directly to social media platforms. Update your bios, and use swipe up or clickable options. Utilize our social media assets to craft posts alongside organic content.

Authentic, real moments make people feel connected to - and a part of - your Chefs Cycle journey. Share posts:

  • On your training rides
  • From fundraising events
  • With teammates and fellow Chefs Cycle Riders
  • When you learn something new about No Kid Hungry’s work
  • In throwback Chefs Cycle jerseys


Teaming up with businesses, restaurants and brands is a great way to drive dollars and awareness. Campaigns like this are known as commercial co-ventures (CCVs) and are governed by the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance.

Have fun and get creative. Keep us in the loop – we MUST have a contract in place before any CCV begins.

Review the Fundraising Handbook for complete CCV guidelines.

Better Business Bureau Guidelines


Sponsorship gives brands the opportunity to engage with No Kid Hungry’s network of chefs, industry executives and like-minded organizations.  Leverage your business connections by making an introduction to the Chefs Cycle team to pitch corporate involvement. Any type of business - big or small - may be able to contribute in some way.

Start now. For some businesses, the decision-making process can take 7-8 weeks. Start with the "low hanging fruit" - your warmest connections.

Review the Fundraising Handbook for complete sponsorship guidelines.