Chili's Clip for Kids

Host a Dollar PJ Day fundraiser in support 

of Chili's® Clip for Kids

​​How does it work?

Kids fighting cancer at Norton Children's Hospital spend a lot of time in their PJs.

A fun and easy fundraiser for Chili's Clip for Kids is to host a Dollar PJ Day at your work, school or any gathering of people who want to help! Participants make a donation to Chili's Clip for Kids in exchange for getting to wear their PJs to work or school in solidarity with kids fighting cancer at Norton Children's Hospital.

Whether you're looking to boost your individual or team fundraising, or you're looking for an easy way to help without doing a clip, trim or shave, we encourage you to host a Dollar PJ Day!

​Dollar PJ Day fundraiser tools.

For a custom flyer to promote your fundraiser, email Julie Kruer with the Children's Hospital Foundation.

After your fundraiser, you can submit your cash donations along with this form.

​Share the love!

And don't forget, you can register (either to clip, trim or shave or to fundraise only) and create your own online event page in support of your Dollar PJ Day.  This way, you can share the link online to promote your fundraiser and encourage others who can't participate to donate.

When you're finished, don't forget to tag Chili's Clip for Kids in any photos that you post and add the hashtag #ChilisClipForKids!