Chili's Clip for Kids

About childhood cancer

Cancer is the second most common cause of death among children ages 1 to 14 years in the US, after accidents. In 2018, an estimated 10,590 children in this age group will be diagnosed with cancer and 1,180 will die from it.  Leukemia accounts for almost a third (29%) of all childhood cancers, followed by brain and other nervous system tumors (26%).

In 2019, approximately 80 children will receive new cancer diagnoses at Norton Children's Hospital and more than 200 will receive treatment.

About Norton Children's Cancer Institute

Dollars raised through Chili’s® Clip for Kids will support children who are receiving treatment for pediatric cancer or blood disorders at Norton Children’s Hospital and their families. Norton Children’s Cancer Institute combines the resources of University of Louisville Physicians and the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center at Norton Children’s Hospital.
Children from across the region come to the institute to receive care for cancer and blood disorders. As a Children’s Oncology Group partner, Norton Children’s Cancer Institute is able to provide the latest in clinical trials and offer advanced cancer care, all while providing a strong support network for families. Many families who come for care call the 7 West unit their home while their child fights cancer or a blood disorder.

Dollars raised from Chili’s Clip for Kids through the Children’s Hospital Foundation will help fund facilities, equipment, staff, patient and family financial assistance, research and Child Life/pastoral care and direct programming. It takes the generosity of everyone in the community to enable Norton Children’s to be here to help children and their families when they need it the most.

Event Impact

Since Chili's Clip for Kids started in 2014, you have helped us raise more than $385,000 for the care of pediatric cancer patients at Norton Children's Hospital!

Plus, more than 600 people have clipped, trimmed or shaved their hair in solidarity with pediatric cancer patients and survivors in our community.

Funds from Chili’s Clip for Kids have been utilized in the following ways:

          ● Provided patient financial assistance, helping parents to be able to focus on their child's care.

          ● Assisted in family support, such as funding meals for support groups.

          ● Provided educational resources

          ● Funds the Beads of Courage program ongoing, which is a program that allows pediatric cancer patients to tell and own their stories, using colorful beads as meaningful symbols of courage and hope along their treatment journey.

         ● Purchased a new projector for the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center's playroom

Funding a new projector in the Addison Jo Blair Cancer Care Center is just one of the many ways that your support of Chili's Clip for Kids has made a difference for the kids fighting cancer at Norton Children's Hospital.