HIKE for HOPE 2021


Get social with us on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Social media sites make it faster and easier than ever to share what you are doing with family, friends, followers, and your network. So, post often about your HIKE for HOPE 2021 Challenge.

There is no limit to what you can do to inspire and engage your friends and followers to support and participate in the HIKE for HOPE Challenge with you.


-Share photos, quotes or videos, etc. on Facebook and Instagram stories, don’t forget you earn extra points for your chance to win prizes

-Ask for donations or inspire others to help you complete the $20.21 Challenge. You only need 5 to complete the Fund Challenge

-Use the hashtags #HikeForHope #2021Challenge

-Post your HIKE for HOPE fundraising URL  

-Make it personal, have fun with your posts/videos and use emojis

-Download and post our social media images HERE

-Download and Print the HIKE for HOPE Poster and leave in your mailroom, include on the window of local retailers with their approval, etc. Download the 8.5 x 11 poster HERE

-For more info on Lazarus House Ministries visit www.lazarushouse.org

Lazarus House Social Media (handles)

Twitter: @LazarusHouseMA

Facebook: @Lazarus.House.Ministries

Instagram: @lazarushouseministries


Be a part of the HIKE for HOPE challenge! Participate in all 3 activities in ONE weekend and the more activities you join in on, the more money is raised to earn more Challenge points for your chance to win fantastic prizes! #HikeForHope #2021Challenge

Be a part of the HIKE for HOPE challenge! 5K. Food. Fund. Participate in all 3 activities in ONE weekend to raise money to support the Lazarus House's Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen. Join us at www.hikeforhope.org!  #HikeForHope #2021Challenge

I’m making a positive impact and taking the Challenge to support Lazarus House Ministries. Join me and be a part of HIKE for HOPE at (your Hike URL). #HikeForHope #2021Challenge

Join my HIKE for HOPE team and help support the Lazarus House's Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen at (your Hike URL). #HikeForHope #2020Challenge

Did you know that you can feed a family with a $20.21 donation? Help me reach my goal by clicking (your URL). Go to www.hikeforhope.org to take the 2021 HIKE for HOPE Challenge.

On May 22nd and May 23rd at 10am join our HIKE for HOPE 5K WALK or RUN LIVE using the Charge Running App. Choose your course or use your treadmill, while chatting with others, tracking your status, and listening to a playlist curated for you!  #HikeForHope #2021Challenge

Join our team and allow us to raise money to help meet the needs of the increasing number of Guests who find themselves without meals to eat and food to put on the table for their families. Be the positive impact and JOIN us at www.hikeforhope.org! #HikeforHope #2021Challenge