Indy Tech Gives 2023

Indy Tech Gives 2023 is proudly presented in memory of Bill Oesterle.

Born in West Lafayette, Indiana, Bill excelled academically, earning an honors degree in economics from Purdue University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Bill’s devotion to his alma mater was unwavering, as he actively supported various initiatives, established professorships, and generously contributed to scholarship programs. 


Regarded as an entrepreneur, marketing genius, and community advocate, Bill’s influence was felt by all who crossed paths with him. There is no denying the profound impact he had on the success of Angie’s List. Transforming the solution into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, Bill’s entrepreneurial spirit propelled the company to incredible heights. 


Beyond his professional accomplishments, Bill’s journey began in politics, leading international trade programs and forging valuable connections. His partnership with Mitch Daniels, former Director of the Office of Management and Budget (under President George W. Bush), would shape Indiana’s history. Persuading Daniels to return to the state and serving as his campaign manager, Bill played a pivotal role in securing Daniels’ successful gubernatorial runs. 


Bill’s philanthropic endeavors were equally significant. In founding Friends of 38th, he dedicated himself to revitalizing Indianapolis’ 38th Street corridor. Additionally, he selflessly provided a space for the Indianapolis Opera by purchasing and leasing a former church at no cost until they could acquire it themselves. 


In 2021, Bill was honored with the Michael A. Carroll Award and the Daniels Prize Award from the Mitch Daniels Leadership Foundation in 2022, recognizing his exemplary leadership and commitment to the community. However, it was his dedication to retaining and recruiting talent for Indiana’s growth that truly defined his life’s mission. A servant leader through and through, Bill tirelessly devoted himself to others, leaving an indelible impact on the state and its people. 


Tragically, Bill’s life was cut short by ALS, a devastating disease that slowly ravages the body. Despite this cruel fate, Bill’s spirit remained unyielding. He fought bravely until the end, continuing to make a difference and effect change. 


It is only fitting that Indy Tech Gives 2023 pays tribute to Bill Oesterle, a fearless and compassionate soul, who strived to make our state and this world a better place. His legacy lives on, guiding us in our collective pursuit of creating a more generous and impactful future.