Run to Break the Silence 2023

Be a Volunteer

About Be a Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for signing up to volunteer! Your participation is critical to the success of our event. We're offering a range of volunteer opportunities to give you plenty of ways you can get involved and show your support. 

Volunteer - Set-Up Crew - 5:30am

  • Help with event set-up (tables/ chairs/ sandbags/ tents/ water stations, trash and recycle cans/ awards/ etc.)

Kids Fun Run - Volunteer - 9am 

  • Help kids through obstacles on Kids Fun Run Course 
  • Cheer kids on as they go through obstacles on the course 
  • Help clean up Kids Fun Run 

Volunteer - Food station - 6:30am

  • Help set-up Food station
  • Help serve snacks to participants
  • Ensure food stations remain clean and sanitized
  • Help clean up food station @ end of event 

Volunteer - Photo Booth - 7:00am

  • Man photo booth to make sure participants know how to use the booth and collect their photos
  • Help clean up photo booth area when event is over

Volunteer Team - Course Marking - 6:00am on 6/4

  • Help mark course with miles, signs and directional markers 

Volunteer - Raffle - 6:30am 

  • Help set-up raffle table
  • Help sell raffle tickets to participants
  • Collect money for raffle tickets
  • Ensure tickets are filled out properly  
  • Help clean up raffle ticket station @ end of event 

Volunteer - Face Painting - 8:00am

  • Help paint kids faces, hands or arm- whichever the family is comfortable with 
  • Help clean up face painting area when event is over

Volunteer - Set-up/ Tear Down Run Fit Arch - 7:00am

  • Help Stephen Pino with set-up/ tear-down of start/ finish line  
Volunteer - Kids Fun Run Set-up/ Tear Down - 7:00am
  • Help Daniel Martinez with set-up/ tear-down of kids obstacles for both kids courses