Run to Break the Silence 2023

Use our Hashtag

Share your photos with us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  Don't forget to tag PEI and use #PEI2023RTBS to show your support.  

Customize your Personal Fundraising Page

Tell people why you're passionate about raising money to break the silence for children in New Mexico.  You can even post a photo or video of you and your why! Telling family and friends why PEI's mission is important to you gives people more incentive to help!  

Send Emails 

Your Participant Center is filled with email templates you can use to let your friends, family and colleagues know you're participating in the Run to Break the Silence and ask for their support!

If you prefer to send messages directly from your email account instead, remember to include a link to your personal fundraising page - just copy and paste the URL right into your email!

Start a Facebook Fundraiser

Fundraise with social media by creating a Facebook fundraiser your entire network can see!  Any donations you receive show up automatically on your fundraising page.  Facebook makes it super easy, and we highly recommend you give it a try!

  • Log into your Participant Center and click on the box "Fundraise on Facebook" on the left-hand side of the homepage.
  • Once your fundraiser is created, you can update the photos and content!  Remember to share why you are participating in the Run to Break the Silence, and how their support can make a difference!

Donate to Yourself

The easiest way to jump start your fundraising efforts is to be the first one to donate!  It's easier to ask for a donation if you can speak from experience, and it shows a dedication to your cause. Collect your loose change or skip buying coffee for a few weeks! What you might consider small, changes lives at PEI!  Simply visit your personal page and click the "Donate Now" button at the top.

Set a Fundraising Goal

Share your goal with friends, family and coworkers so they can help you achieve it.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask

Make a list of everyone you'd like to ask to donate.  Don't forget, it takes up to 3 asks to get a response!  To get started, make a list of people to ask for support, such as:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Coworkers
  • Member of groups you're apart of
  • Businesses you frequent

Keep in mind, the #1 reason people give for not making a donation: they were never asked!

Write a Letter 

Pick up a pen and personalize your letter with details about yourself and the reasons you're walking - you might even want to include a picture of the person in your life that connected you with PEI and is your reason for becoming a Silence Breaker!  Remember your audience when you are crafting your letter - tailor it to fit friends, family, business owners, coworkers, etc.  Consider enclosing a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it easier for them to contribute (you'll find your response rate is much better).

Matching Gifts 

Many companies offer matching gifts to employees who fundraise for an amazing cause.  This is a great way to double your impact!  Reach out to your HR department and check with your friends and family to see if their companies do this as well.

Say Thank You!

Whether you do it through a handwritten card, via email or by tagging someone on a social media post don't forget to say thank you!  You can find thank you email templates in your Participant Center, which makes this part quick and easy.  Don't forget a personal note to make your donors feel special.  Giving the gift of hearing and speaking is possible because of generous donors and -YOU!

For questions, information or more fundraising ideas, email!