Run to Break the Silence 2023


Registering A Family/ Friends: 

It is very important that if you are registering yourself for an event and also want to register a child/ children, that you add all of your registrations at the same time. You will be prompted to add them at the time you register. If you do not add them at that time, you will be asked to create a new account using a different e-mail address if you come back to add an additional child at a later date. 

I want to register ONLY my child for the Fun Run. How do I do that?

When you create your account, you will select the "Parent Account - Register a Child" option under registration types. This registration type is free of charge and will then prompt you to add additional registrations where you can select the Kids Fun Run, for either ages 2-6 or 7-12. The Kids Fun Run will not be displayed in the initial registration options, as children cannot register themselves for the event. 

If you want to help PEI by creating a fundraiser in your social media, but you do not want to run/ walk in any of the events, you can register under the "Just Fundraise" option and it will then prompt you to see if you want to add additional registrations where you can register your child/ children for the fun run. 

When and where is packet pick-up? 

Packet Pick-Up will be hosted at New Mexico Look on Saturday, June 3 from 10am - 2pm. New Mexico Look is located at: 

6611 Menaul Blvd. NW

Albuquerque, NM 87110

At Packet Pick-Up, you will be receiving your Runner's Packet w/ Bib, timing chip, and your shirt. If you registered before the 5/22 deadline, you will be guaranteed a shirt in the size you requested. If you are registering at Packet Pick-Up or on race day, you will have a choice of the sizes we have remaining.

New Mexico Look has been a generous sponsor of PEI's Run to Break the Silence for years. Please consider checking out some of the awesome New Mexico gear they have for sale while you are there! 

What is the difference between Teams and Groups?

A "Team," is a group of people working together throughout the Run to Break the Silence. You can sign up as a Team Captain, recruit members and you all work toward your team goal of breaking the silence for as many children as you can. A "Group" is something you can join, in addition to your team. For example, you are Team Captain of the "Kendall's Silence Breakers," but you also want to see if current families can raise more money than alumni families, so you join the "22/23 PEI Families" Group. All the funds you raise will be credited to your personal and team pages, but they will also show in a tally for the 22/23 PEI Families. Thus, we can see who will raise more dollars - current families or alumni families? 

You can also form multiple company teams, allowing departments to compete against each other and request a ‘Company Name Group’ be made so you can track the company’s collective impact. If you need a company group made, contact Kristina at

What do I do if someone wants to donate cash or check? 

You can track those donations online in your profile. Make sure the checks are made out to: Presbyterian Ear Institute and mail to:        

Presbyterian Ear Institute

415 Cedar St. SE

Albuquerque, NM 87106

Or, you can bring the cash and checks to PEI at the address listed above. Please make sure you have all the donations in an envelope with your name and contact information listed on the front and that the donors contact information is clearly listed for each donation.  

How do I enter a check or cash I have collected for the Walk?

Go to your Participant Center. You can do this by going to upper right-hand corner of this page and click on "Manage My Page"

  • Once there click on "Raise at Least *Goal*" in the menu on the left side.
  • Next, click on "enter cash/checks".
  • Click on “Enter a Cash or Check Donation”
  • Select the method of payment
  • Click “Save”
  • This amount will populate into your fundraising total.
  • Then you can mail or bring the checks in person to Presbyterian Ear Institute 415 Cedar St. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106.

Where do the funds raised go?

100% of proceeds support PEI's School for Oral Deaf Education where we teach d/hh children and children with speech and language delays to hear and speak.  

The photo I am trying to upload is rotating sideways.  What can I do?

The photo is too large. To make the photo smaller, first open it in Paint. You then click the button "resize" to scale your photo down. Try 75% of the original horizontal and vertical size.  Save a new version of your photo and try to upload it again.  If 75% doesn't work, you can try and make is smaller. (It really depends on the original size of your photo).

Do I have to fundraise to participate?

No, we do not require any of our participants to fundraise, however we do encourage you sharing the opportunity to support PEI's mission with family and friends. Awards will be given to the top individual fundraiser and the top fundraising team.

We have made fundraising easy and fun with our new online platform. We hope that all of our participants will consider helping to fundraise either by sharing through social media and/ or creating a fundraising goal and asking family friends to help you break the silence for children in NM! 

Can I bring my pet to the run?

Unfortunately, there are no pets allowed at the run due to liability. 

Can I bring my infant/ toddler in a stroller? 

You may bring your infant/ toddler in a stroller to the event, but the actual trail is not conducive to strollers, so you cannot participate in the 5K or 10K with a stroller.