TD IRONBEAR Map Challenge: Collect Donations from U.S. States and Puerto Rico

IRONBEARS are encouraged to participate in the TD IRONBEAR Map Challenge from SundayNovember 1 through Wednesday, November 11 with the goal of collecting a donation of $5.00 or more from a total of 30 U.S. states and Puerto Rico!  

Contest: Collect 1 donation from as many U.S. states and Puerto Rico as possible, up to a total of 30. Bonus points to those who receive donations from more than 30!

How to win: The team or individual with donations from the most states and/or P.R. wins!


  • Determine if you plan to participate as a team or individual.
  • Print the pdf of the map. (TD_IRONBEAR_MAP CONTEST_For Print)
  • Collect donations of $5.00 or more from as many U.S. states and Puerto Rico as possible. 
  • When a donation is received, using green or pink, color in the corresponding state from which the donation came. 
    • NOTE: Already received a donation from a state or P.R.? Color it in!
  • Take a picture of your completed map and upload it to your team or individual fundraising page.  
  • The team or individual with a donation from the most states and territories wins! 

    Customized IRONBEAR prizes awarded to top winners!

    Tips for Collecting Donations in the Map Challenge:

    • Use your social media outlets to inform your audience about the map challenge:
      • EXAMPLE POST: U.S. states + Puerto Rico = IRONBEAR MAP contest. Help me collect a donation from each state and territory in support of TASIS Dorado’s future Wellness & Athletics Center! 
      • Tag friends and followers who live in specific states.
    • Send personal texts or emails about the map challenge:
      • EXAMPLE MESSAGE: I am participating in the TASIS Dorado IRONBEAR Challenge, which encourages our community to keep active for 30 days through various mini-challenges while raising funds for our future Wellness & Athletics Center. Our current mini-challenge is to collect a donation from each U.S. state and territory. Can you help with my fundraising efforts in this mini-challenge and donate to my page?
    • Share a picture of the map, a video of a teammate coloring in a state, or any other fun way to show your progress.
    • Make donations easy by including a link to your team or individual IRONBEAR fundraising page.

    Keep up the great work! #TDStrong #TDBearPride