Bear Boost mini-challenges occur every Wednesday: choose 1 Boost or complete them all to increase your activity points! Remember to submit your Bear Boost within the "Record Fitness Activity" section of your page.


    • Beach Walk - Enjoy a walk on the beach while collecting seashells and sea glass
    • Burpees - Complete 3 sets of 10 burpees
    • Bicycle Crunches - Complete 3 sets of 40 crunches
    • Lunges - Complete 3 sets of 30 lunges 
    • Soccer Shots - Set up a soccer goal and track the number of goals scored on a family member or friend


    • Hit the Beach - Take a walk along the beach or grab your surfboard or SUP to enjoy the water
    • Jump Rope - Jump rope for 1 minute; Repeat 5 times
    • Toe Taps - Complete as many toe taps as you can in 45 seconds; Repeat 3 times
    • Lunges - Complete 3 sets of 10 lunges 
    • Plank It - Complete a plank exercise for 1 minute; Repeat 3 times
    • Water Balloon Fight - Get together with family and friends for a water balloon fight!

    WEDNESDAY, November 10

    • Dance Party - Play your favorite tunes and host a dance party in your living room! Be sure to mix in favorite tunes for all members of your family! 
    • Hula Hoop - How long can you keep the hula hoop moving around your hips? Hula hoop for 1 minute; Repeat 3 times
    • Push-Ups - Complete 3 sets of 25 push-ups
    • Squats - Complete 3 sets of 40 squats 
    • Mountain Climbers - Complete as many mountain climbers as you can in 1 minute; Repeat 3 times
    • Marco Polo (for our young IRONBEARS) - Hit the pool for a game of Marco Polo