Trivia Putt Putt

Questions & Answers:
1. I forgot my password for registration, what do I do?
Contact Ally Sweeney at BBBS at or 563-323-8006 and she can send you a link to reset your password.
2. What forms of payment do I need?
All registrations must be paid online, or sent to the BBBS office before January 22nd.
Cash, check, debit and credit cards will be accepted.

3. How long will it take to play?
Allow for 90 minutes to play and enjoy Trivia Putt Putt. 
4. What if I am running late or arrive early?
No problem, please still come if you are late. You will be able to sign in and play the trivia question that the game is currently on. All scores are averaged.
If you are early, you can hang out in Zoom, get a snack, a cocktail, practice your trivia and get ready to have a great time. 
**You don't need to login any sooner than 10 minutes prior to the start time.
5. What if I lose internet connection during my trivia game?
No problem at all... just click the same link you used to join the game and jump right back in to continue playing.

6. Is Registration available on Event Day?
No, registration for all sessions will close on Friday, January 22.  This allows BBBS to communicate team information with the Trivia Host who needs to download all the information into the system prior to each session.

7. How can I share and encourage others to sign up or support BBBS?
Mention you registered for Trivia Putt Putt on Social Media, sending an email to friends, co-workers, family, etc. If you choose social media & encourage people to get involved please use the following hashtags…#triviaforacause, #TriviaPuttPutt2021, & #1to1mentoring.
  • Direct people to this website,
  • Ask people to join your team OR form their own to compete against yours
  • Incorporate friendly competition - challenge another group with the best score winning something

8. Is there an incentive to register early?
Yes, BBBS and Green State Credit Union will be holding two Early-Bird prize drawings for those teams registered.  Also, you will be able to reserve your spot before a session fills up.
  • For those signed up by December 20, the person that registers his/her team will be eligible and entered into a prize drawing.
  • For those signed up between December 21 and January 15 will be entered into a prize drawing.

*Register by December 20 and be eligible for both drawings.

9. How are the scores figured out?
  • The site all players will be using to submit their answers tracks the scores of the game. 
  • Each member of the team will submit an answer (vs. one answer for the whole team).
  • The faster the player responds with accuracy, the higher the points they will receive. 
  • Once time is up for each question, all individual scores for the team are averaged together to calculate the overall team score.

10. How many points is each question worth during Trivia?
Each question is worth 100 points except for the Bonus Question, which is worth 250 points. The faster you answer the questions the more points you will get if your answer is correct.

11. What if we have an internal company or family competitions going on, how do we get our Individual scores?
BBBS can provide you with your team and individual scores afterwards. Please contact Ally at BBBS at or at 563-323-8006 for your scores.

12. Who can be on my team?
You can recruit anyone to be on your trivia team. We suggest having a variety of different ages on your team to cover more topics. Teams can be comprised of players locally, regionally or nationally.
With this being a virtual platform, friends, family, past college buddies, neighbors, co-workers, club members and more can play from their home or place of business in another town or state.  Great way to reconnect or unite with people that you haven’t seen in awhile.

*Please note, all session times are on central standard time.

13. Can I change my answer before time is up?
Yes, you can change your answer before time is up. But remember to be quick, the sooner you answer the more points you will receive.

14. What if I need to change my registration to a different date and time?

Contact Ally Sweeney at and she can help you do this.

15. What are the Group Challenges and how do the challenges work?
Just like in the past at Putt-A-Round, teams from different industries or service organizations are invited to play and compete with others (not at putting) but at the game of Trivia for 2021. The team with the highest score at the conclusion of the event from each industry or defined group will receive bragging rights and the traveling trophy from Putt for the upcoming year.
Challenges to be held include, Rotary Clubs, Optimist Clubs, Police & Fire department, Real Estate professionals, Educators (teachers and faculty) and Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions, and wealth management firms).

  • Teams can play during any session to participate and qualify for a challenge.
  • Each team can consist of up to 12 players.
  • Winners will be determined by who has the highest team score.
  • Scores will be provided to BBBS after the event concludes on Saturday then winners will be announced the following week.

16. How do I sign up to become a Sponsor of this event?
Contact Kayla Kiesey at to request information about the sponsorship opportunities available.  Sponsorships typically open up every year in September and companies can request to be added to any waiting lists for the next year.
In addition to sponsorships, BBBS is looking for donations of prizes and discount offers to send players (digitally).  Contact Kayla or Ally at BBBS for more information.

17. What is the contact information for Big Brothers Big Sisters?
Mailing address is 130 W. 5th Street, Davenport, IA 52801
Phone number is 563-323-8006
Fax number is 563-333-2494
Contact:  Ally Sweeney or Kayla Kiesey