Trivia Putt Putt


· Teams are identified by the TEAM NAME submitted at registration.  It is very important each player knows the Team Name prior to logging into the game.

· 24 hours prior to each session, those that registered themselves and/or their team will get an email from BBBS with a link to Zoom for their session. Players do not need a Zoom account to play and the Team Captain should forward the information to their teammates.

· Participants should sign in to Zoom 5-10 minutes prior to their session AND yes, people can sign in late and start playing at that time.

· Once on Zoom, the Trivia Host will provide instructions on how to play.

*IMPORTANT: Zoom should remain open/live at all times so you can follow along, stay informed and hear each question being asked.

· To begin play, participants will be directed to a second site, known as CrowdPurr.   It’s recommended each person uses a 2nd device (smart phone or tablet) or opens a second screen on their computer to play (internet access required).

*When entering the game on Crowdpurr, each player MUST select their team name from the drop-down list.  This is how the system knows who is on what team so scores can be applied to the correct teams.

· Each team member submits an answer to each question (vs. one answer per team)   as fast as they can within 30-seconds.  Then, the host will  share the correct answer and what percentage of people got it right.

*Questions will primarily be multiple-choice with true-false and fill in the blank questions mixed in.

· Individual scores are averaged together to calculate the team score. The faster you respond with the correct answer, the more points you get.

Example: Team of 4 with scores of 96, 80, 64 and 48 would have a team score of 72.

· At the end of each round (8 questions per round), the Host will announce who is in the lead (individually and as a team) based on points.

· The game will then proceed to round 2, 3 and so on. There will be 8 total rounds with three 5-minute breaks incorporated.  The game will wrap up with prizes and recognition. You won’t want to miss it!

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