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Super Saturday Livestream for Kids & Families

From now through Super September, each Saturday will be a Super Saturday! Gather your superhero siblings and family to join in the livestream fun as you gear up to be a superhero for kids!

Join us on Facebook Live each Saturday at 9:30 am for a 30-minute kid and family superhero-themed activity!

Past Super Saturday Recordings

Saturday, September 19 - "Tell Your Superhero Story" Writing Workshop with Austin Bat Cave

Have you ever wanted to invent your own superhero? Well, here's your chance! In this creative writing workshop, you'll design your own superhero—their costume, their superpowers, their friends and sidekicks, and their secret weaknesses. And, since we can't have a superhero without a villain, get ready to design your superhero's nemesis as well! By the end of the workshop, you'll have authored two characters for your own superhero story.

Saturday, September 12 -"Super Strings" Music Lesson with Songbird Rising Suzuki School

Meet the string family of instruments and discover their superpowers. Then listen to a superhero story with musical surprises and take part in a superhero-themed play-along tune. You might just be inspired to become a superhero string player yourself!

Saturday, September 5  - "Let’s Get Tricky" with AcroSpidey and AcroGwen of Laché Movement Co.

Grab a partner (and a soft space on grass or carpet) and join Laché Movement Co. for some balance training and acrobatics. We all know how important balance is to a superhero... one slip and the whole city could be doomed. And of course, what better way to get the city cheering than to toss in a bit of acrobatics! We’ll be working on: standing partner balance, standing partner jump spins, cartwheels (simpler modified versions), bird on hands, and bird on feet!

Saturday, August 29 - "Unleash Your Awesome!" A Superpower Dance Discovery Workshop with Sadé Jones & SADEIZM Movement Alchemy

Kids will discover their superpowers by exploring their unique movement signature. Through movement, they will embrace wholeness and celebrate natural creativity to unleash their own awesome dances. When it’s time for that epic Guardians of the Galaxy-style dance battle, kids will be empowered to unleash their awesome to save the day!

"There are two types of beings in the universe. Those who dance, and those who do not." - Drax the Destroyer, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Saturday, August 22 - “Superhero Rhythm & Rhymes” with Mister Rat

Mister Rat and his musicians and friends will help our kids sing, dance, laugh and learn how to be musical superheroes!

Saturday, August 15 - “Super Mind & Body” with Modo Yoga

Join Modo Yoga for a kids yoga session complete with stretching, quiet mindful time, and lots of fun… everything you need to hone your mental and physical superpowers!

Saturday, August 8 - "Draw Your Own Superhero" with Artist & Author-Illustrator Ruby Roth

Drawing is about making art, but it’s also about reaching inside your heart and mind and pulling out what you find in there! Join Ruby and learn how to calm your mind and body, explore your superpowers, and sketch a superhero that represents you! Make sure you have paper and a pencil, pen or marker ready to go!

Saturday, August 1 - “Animal Superpowers” Virtual Petting Zoo with Tiny Tails to You

Did you know chinchillas can jump up to 6 feet, or that bearded dragons have a third eye to protect them from hawks? Learn about the secret superpowers of animals and enjoy a lot of animal cuteness during Tiny Tails to You’s virtual petting zoo!

Saturday, July 25 - "Build Your Super Strength" Workout with Frankly Well

Superheroes have to stay strong and healthy to save the world! Expand your superpowers and build up your Super Strength through a fun morning workout with personal trainer Francisco Ornelas of Frankly Well.

Saturday, July 18 - "Superhero Story Time" with Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy Austin and Heroes of Texas

This Super Saturday you get access to a secret board meeting of the Superfriends (Batman, Robin, Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl) as they share their recent adventures plus tell you 2 special stories about Catwoman and Wonder Woman!

Saturday, July 11 - "Fast as the Flash" Runner Workout with Rogue Running

Learn how to run "Fast as the Flash" while while being a smart superhero and doing so in a safe and healthy way! Build up your Super Speed with a fun runner warm up, dynamic stretches, tips and tricks, and a cool down with Coach Emily Kozel of Rogue Running. 

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