Kids Council

Join the Kids Council of Heroes

Are you a hero at heart? Do your superpowers including running as fast as the speed of light and helping other kids?

Join the 2020 Kids Council of Heroes—a team of heroes ages 12 and under who’ve chosen to use their superpowers to help their fellow kids!

Your Superhero Mission if you choose to accept it: 

Register for the 5K, costume contest, or just as a fundraiser, and raise $250 or more through your personal CASA Superhero Run fundraising page


All Kids Council members will:

  • Be listed on the Kids Council page of the CASA Superhero Run website
  • Receive a CASA Superhero Run fanny pack, a "Texas Superheroes" Tek-Tee and other gifts
  • Be entered into a drawing to win an American Ninja Warrior Family Agility Set to train your superhero skills in your own backyard

Kids Council Fanny Pack

Looking for creative ideas to help you fundraise? Check out the Superhero's Guide to Fundraising and fun messaging templates below!

Need fundraising support? Email for more help!

2020 Kids Council of Heroes

Līlī Austin
Coco Bell
Jae Etheredge
Harrison Jones
Rebekah Levy
Benjamin Levy
Harper Madruga
Lily Pate
Henry Patterson
Oliver Richards
Charlotte Wright
Sutton Wright
Kyle Wright

Fundraising Email Template

Suggested Subject: Help me join the Kids Council of Heroes!

Hi Super Friend,

I’ve always wanted to be a superhero. I’ve grown up with superheroes all around me: The Avengers, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man… they’re everywhere! But I always hoped I would one day see a superhero in real life.

Then I heard about CASA, and how they are real-life heroes for kids in foster care. CASA volunteers take the time to get to know kids and to be there for them when things are hard. They talk to the kid’s family, teachers and doctors. Then they go to court to tell a judge what the kid needs. 

Now that I know more about foster care, I want to help CASA be there for kids who need us. So, this Super September, I’ll get the chance to be a superhero for other kids as part of the 2020 CASA Superhero Run!

I may be too young to be a CASA volunteer, but I can be a hero by raising [$YOUR GOAL - $250 or more] so CASA can help more kids. Will you help me be a superhero by donating today at [YOUR PERSONAL FUNDRAISING LINK]?


P.S. You are also welcome to join me at Run a virtual 5K, enter the costume contest, or become a Super Fundraiser!

Facebook Messaging*

“Shazam! That was the sound of me transforming into a superhero for the CASA Superhero Run! Will you help me use my powers for good to help kids in foster care by donating to my fundraising page? #casasuperhero2020 - Link to your personal fundraising page

Instagram Messaging*

Share a photo of you making your costume or training to run a 5K, and ask your friends and family to donate to your personal fundraising page (we recommend you make this the link in your Instagram bio while fundraising)!

Don't forget to use #casasuperhero2020

Twitter Messaging*

“My Spidey-senses are tingling—that means it’s almost time for the CASA Superhero Run! Donate to my fundraising page and help me speak up for kids in foster care! #casasuperhero2020 - Link to your personal fundraising page

*Almost all social media channels require account-holders to be 13 or older, so we encourage parents to take a hands-on approach to this project and use their own accounts for these postings in order to monitor social media activity for their tiny hero!