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Social Media Fundraising: Example Fundraising Posts | Instagram Posts & Stories | Facebook Posts

Social media is an excellent way to expand your fundraising reach. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been bridging the gap between donor and fundraiser for nearly 20 years!

Here are some things you can do to encourage people to donate and spread the word about the Hot Chocolate Run on social media:

  • Share pictures from previous runs while asking for donations
  • Use the hashtags #HotChocolateRunforSP2023, #20YearsofHotChocolateRun
  • Make a quick video about why you’re running for Safe Passage. What does it mean to you?
  • Share some of these posts we put together for you.

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Facebook: Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage

Instagram: @HotChocolateRunforSafePassage

Example Fundraising Posts

I registered for the Hot Chocolate Run because I want to stand up to domestic violence and help adults and kids that have experienced violence. On December 3rd, I’ll gather with thousands of other participants to make a difference. Will you join me? When you make a gift, you’ll be providing safety, hope, and justice for survivors. 100% of donations go towards providing life-saving services. -link to your donation page here- #HotChocolateRunforSP2023

“Can you believe it has nearly been a year since the last Hot Chocolate Run? I’m running again this year, and I would love your support. Even a donation as small as a dollar can make a world of difference! -link to your donation page here-” #HotChocolateRunforSP2023 -include that picture of you in the goofy blow-up dinosaur costume from last year

Safe passage delivers an array of support, counseling, and prevention services to adults and children experiencing violence in Hampshire County and surrounding towns. That's why I am committed to raising money for them through the Hot Chocolate Run. Please consider making the most meaningful donation you can right now. I'll be incredibly grateful. -link to your donation page here- #HotChocolateRunforSP2023

I'm participating in the Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage this year! Ill be raising money for survivors of domestic violence, and im hoping I can count on your support. -link to your donation page here- #HotChocolateRunforSP2023

This year is our 20th anniversary, and we want this Hot Chocolate Run to be the biggest and best yet! We have an ambitious fundraising goal of $800,000 and we need your help. Will you join us? -link to your donation page here- #HotChocolateRunforSP2023








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