A crowd of people wear red hats with the Hot Chocolate Run polar bear and penguin logo.

Our red hats are a classic Hot Chocolate Run tradition. 

Be part of the crowd of walkers and runners in red hats, and show your support of Safe Passage.

A woman wearing a red hat and racing bib yells triumphantly.

A smiling woman wears a matching red hat and scarf.

The red hat is part of our thanks to anyone who raises $150 or more on their individual fundraising page. When you wear your hat, you're showing that you've accomplished something amazing for your community. Be part of something big: share your fundraising page and celebrate alongside thousands of others who've earned their hats.

Remember: just raise $150 by December 1 to get your hat. It's easier than you think! Check out our handy Red Hat Hustle worksheet to help you get there! 

Already have a hat? We encourage you to pass this year's hat along to one of your most generous donors and share the HCR love.