What is Pet Partners Pet of the Year?

About the Cause

Pet Partners’ mission is to improve human health and well-being through the human-animal bond.

Our Therapy Animal Program represents the best that the field of animal-assisted interventions has to offer. Pet Partners is considered the gold standard internationally in therapy animal visitation and credentialing.

Volunteer teams in our Therapy Animal Program interact with a wide variety of clients including veterans with PTSD, seniors living with Alzheimer’s, students with literacy challenges, patients in recovery, people with intellectual disabilities, and those approaching end of life.

We believe that the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial relationship that improves the physical, social, and emotional lives of those we serve. We are motivated by connection, compassion, and a commitment to sharing this meaningful bond with everyone who can benefit from time spent with an animal.

Donations to Pet Partners help to improve the lives of those in our community through advocacy, education, support services, and research. Every gift makes a difference and helps us to fulfill our mission.

Does your dog stand out from the rest of the pack? Is your feline friend known for their amazing cat-itude? Perhaps your horse is ready to gallop into a new role? We have more than 100 pets competing in a six-week fundraising competition for the title of the 2024 Pet Partners Pet of the Year! 


This exciting fundraising competition is a perfect way to celebrate your best friend while supporting a great cause! Funds raised by pet candidates (with help from their favorite humans) will support the Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program. This amazing program brings unconditional love, happiness, and healing to millions of seniors, patients, veterans, and children in need all around the world each year.

The national title of Pet Partners Pet of the Year is awarded to the pet whose fundraising team raises the most funds during the six-week competition. The winner will be crowned at the close of the competition and awarded thousands of dollars in prizes for their efforts.

Important Dates

February 5, 2024:

This will officially mark the beginning of the six-week fundraising competition and the donation buttons will be activated.

March 4, 2024:

At the four-week mark, candidates will celebrate the progress made so far and gear up for the final two weeks of fundraising. The leaderboards will be removed from the website for the remaining two weeks leaving the winner a surprise.

March 18, 2024:

Fundraising Deadline: All online donations, as well as mailed donations, signed sponsorship commitments, monthly gift, and crypto pledges received to date will be tallied and credited towards each pet candidate's fundraising totals as of 11:59 p.m. CT. 

March 19, 2024:

All pet candidates, committee members, family, and friends will be invited to join the virtual celebration as we crown the 2024 Pet Partners Pet of the Year. All pet candidates will be recognized for their incredible fundraising efforts and dedication to the human-animal bond.