Pet Partners Pet of the Year 2024

Congratulations to the winner of the 2023 Pet of the Year competition

Rye Guy


Rye Guy and his human partner Lindsey raised more than $14,000 to support Pet Partners Therapy Animal Program.

Fun Facts about our 2023 Pet of the Year:

  • Rye and Lindsey are a registered therapy animal team and Rye has been a therapy dog since 2019.
  • Rye has the highest AKC trick dog title of Trick Dog Performer Elite and hosts trick dog shows for in-patient children at the hospital.
  • Rye is a champion agility dog and has the highest disc dog title of Disc Dog Unobtanium.
  • Rye is a fast competitor in dog sports, but turns into a couch potato when he is home.
  • Favorite Toys: stuffed caterpillar, tennis balls, and a Jollyball soccer ball.
  • Favorite Activity: making people smile (especially children) at therapy animal visits. Sharing his love and adventures on social media @ryeguy0122.
  • Rye loves to cuddle especially at the beginning of bedtime.
  • Rye's mom, Jive, is also a registered therapy dog and Animal-Assisted Crisis Response team with Pet Partners.

Rye’s focus as a therapy animal is in various areas.

  • Mayo Clinic - Caring Canines Program (since 2019): At the in-patient Psychiatry Unit, Rye performs trick dog shows for 5-17 year-old children on a regular basis. The childrenget to see his fancy tricks and even try to do some with him! At the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit, Rye provides animal-assisted interventions (AAI) during physical therapy (PT) for patients in stroke rehabilitation. Rye is included in the PT exercises and activities in various ways from retrieving a ball, hiding for hide-and-seek activities, walking on a leash, and more. In the Pediatric Unit, Rye performs trick dog shows for pediatric patients and allows patients and their families to try the tricks with him.
  • Rochester (MN) International Airport - Caring Tails Program (since 2019): Rye greets passengers before and after their flights by providing joy and comfort while traveling. He even spends time with the TSA staff!