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About AbilityFirst - Fair Oaks Team

Join the Fair Oaks Team at Stroll & Roll!
Saturday, November 12th, 2022 at 9:30AM
Santa Anita Park

Help the Fair Oaks Team raise
$32,000 to support year-round programs!

The Fair Oaks Team is made up of the Manufacturing
Program and the Administrative Departments.

AbilityFirst Manufacturing Program provides meaningful job training and employment for adults who have disabilities.  In addition to offering a range of manufacturing services for business (ranging from assembly to powder coating) the program produces hole punches for sale to departments of the federal government.  The program is based in Pasadena.

The AbilityFirst Admin. Office team includes the agency’s administrative
departments that support all our programs and activities:  Accounting/Finance,
Communications, Executive and Operating Offices, Development,
Human Resources, Information Technology, and Safety.


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- AbilityFirst Fair Oaks Team

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