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Andres Moran-MacDonald


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Andres Moran-MacDonald is Competing in an Ironman to Raise Funds for PF

Meet Andres Moran-MacDonald

Andres is an incoming 4th year student at Queen's University. This year, he's been working on researching interstitial pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) as part of his co-op at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is running in the Subaru Ironman Canada - Penticton on August 28th and will be donating 1/2 his proceeds to CPFF to support IPF.

About the Event

Ironman Canada is hosted every year in Penticton, BC, a small town in the Okanagan valley. The Ironman is a full-length triathlon, composed of 3.8km of swimming, 180 km of biking, and 42.2 km of running, all in one day. There is a 17 hour time limit on the event. This year, the Ironman is on August 28th, starting at 6 am PST, and Andres will likely take 12-13 hours to complete it.

Why Andres is Competing in the Ironman

Andres has many reasons to take part in the Ironman, one of which is to raise money leading up to the event for IPF. This past year of studying IPF brought the severity of the disease to attention, and it has called him to raise money for the research of PF. Luck has been on his side, as he does not know anyone personally to have been diagnosed with the disease, but he hopes to make a change so that a diagnosis will be treatable if not curable in the future.

Ironman Results & Pictures

Andres successfully completed completed the event in 12 hours and 17 minutes, which he is very happy with!

Here are some pictures from the event!

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Andres Moran-MacDonald