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CPFF Warriors of Hope


Together Again! Hope Breathes Here.

CPFF Warriors of Hope are Competing in an Ironman to Raise Funds for PF

Meet the CPFF Warriors of Hope

The CPFF Warriors of Hope are composed of 10 members from the Queen’s University triathlon team, which is a student-led varsity club associated with the university in Kingston, ON. The team trains and competes in triathlons throughout the winter semester. 

The student leaders in this club volunteer large amounts of their time to come up with training regimens and train with the other members of the team. They also organize all the events and transportation through the year.

This year, the team competed at the University of Toronto’s “Swim, Spin, and Go,” where their women finished in the top two and one of their men finished in third place. They also competed in the University of Western’s “Splash and Dash.” Winning medals or not, this group of dedicated athletes is happy to be doing what they love to do, and inspire one another along the way. 

During the summer, the team is not technically affiliated with Queen’s, but they often compete in triathlons together. Current students and alumni often see each other during the summer at large events, such as the triathlon that takes place every summer in Kingston. 

About the Event

Normally, each athlete has many events lined up for the summer. This year, the team is excited to collaborate with CPFF for one of the largest events of the summer — the Toronto Triathlon Festival (TTF). Many of these team members will run Olympic or Sprint distances for the triathlon on July 23rd, and everyone will be cheering for each other the whole way. Andres Moran-MacDonald will complete a similar event in Calgary on July 30th.

The Olympic Race is composed of a 1.5 KM swim, a 40 KM bike ride and a 10 KM run.

The Sprint Race is composed of a 750 M swim, a 20 KM bike ride and a 5 KM run.

The Calgary Race is composed of a 1.9 KM of swim, 90 KM bike ride, and 21.1 KM run.

Why the CPFF Warriors of Hope are Competing

They have collaborated with CPFF to help raise money and awareness for the awful disease that is PF, drawing attention to how healthy lungs can do so much and how often we take them for granted. 

It’s the team’s hope that by calling attention to pulmonary fibrosis, one day anyone who has it can do anything they want — whether that is taking a walk or running a triathlon.

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CPFF Warriors of Hope