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Making this great event a safe and memorable experience for everyone. The Ride would not happen without our great volunteers! Being on crew is all about fun. We LOVE to have Fun. Join us!

There will be lots of updates to our volunteer roles this year based on the COVID-19 stage of risk leading up to the event. Our typical volunteer opportunities are below. 


Logistics Crew!!! (Ride Day) 

Captains: Elexus Liggins

What: This is the team of volunteers responsible for all things HCRA Base Camp on Ride day! The ones who make it all look seamless for our riders while having a GREAT time -- be in the middle of it all and cheer in riders, too! 

When: It depends on the crew you choose. Early morning parking crew, morning through afternoon base camp logistics. 5:00 am, 8:00 am, and Noon arrival times available.

Where: Krause Springs

How: Register as a volunteer at and choose the crew you'd like to be a part of when you register!

Friday Afternoon Camp Set up (Day before Ride Day)

Captain: Elexus Liggins

Have a little extra time the day before the Ride and want to feel deeply appreciated??

What: Ride supplies and setup at Krause Springs! Be the magic that gets everything ready for Saturday!

When: Friday, April 23rd. Anytime you have between 2:00 - 5:00 pm.

Where: Krause Springs, HCRA Base Camp!

Saturday Afternoon Clean Up Crew (End of Ride Day)

Captains: Elexus Liggins

Want to lend a hand for a short time at the end of Ride Day? Be one of the fresh heroes to help break down camp and help load the supply truck. There's a special place in heaven for this crew. Come get some food at 2:00 PM, and help us until 5-6. The more hands the merrier!

Sunday Supply Unloading (Day after Ride Day)

Captains: Elexus Liggins and Taylor Stockett

The day after the Ride when volunteers and riders are icing their muscles, we need YOURS to unload the supply truck and wash coolers. I know...I know...this is SUPER glamorous! Meet at the Ride Office (near South Lamar and Gibson St) at 10:00 am, Sunday April 25th.

Finish Line Cheerleaders (Ride Day)

Captains: Elexus Liggins and Taylor Stockett

You will be cheering in our riders with lots of energy & enthusiasm! Bring the Pom Poms and costumes! The is a great opportunity for a corporate team or large friend group to volunteer.

All Ride Weekend Volunteer Crews

Below are many opportunities - find one that most interests you! Many crew opportunities fill up early, so register! We will do our best to place you in your preferred area, but we hope you understand if we need you elsewhere. Crew Captains will contact you as we get closer to Ride day. The crew registration fee is $29, which includes a t-shirt (please register by March 31st to be guaranteed a t-shirt, supplies will be first-come, first-served after that date), breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner on Ride day.

While crew members are not required to raise money for the cause, many do. Last year's crew raised over $36,000! You have two choices to make when you register: 1) the volunteer crew you'd like to be on, and 2) your registration status. When you review your registration options in the registration system, you'll see the chance to register for one of our specific volunteer crews. Your volunteer crew doesn't affect your personal registration status (either individual participant or on a team), so if you have a friend you'd like to team up with for your fundraising goal you can definitely do that - even if they're a rider! 

We ask all crew members to attend an orientation session. Each session lasts about an hour and provides important information on the Ride and crew responsibilities. Our Orientation Schedule will be posted 2-4 weeks before Ride Day.

Registration (Packet Pick Up at Friday Night Ceremony and/or Morning of Event Day)
Captain: Ken Martin and Mark Taylor
Greeting and encouraging Riders at packet pick-up, while keeping paperwork blissfully organized.

Friday Night Ceremony and Dinner (Night before Ride Day)

Captain: Open
Event set-up, clean-up, food prep, and service.

Photography Crew (Kick-off, JoyRides, Friday Night Ceremonies, and/or Ride Day)
Captain: TBD
Photographers and videographers help us capture the fun at various events supporting the ride.

Ride Pit Stop Crew (Ride Day) 

Captains: Vickie Grier and Tracy McKinley

Crews are at fun rest-stops along the bike route, cheering and welcoming riders while providing nutrition and support. Each pit stop has a fun theme and great time in the hill country!

Route Logistics (Pre-Ride and Day of Event)
Captain: Bryan White
Route Logistics works through the year identifying & designing our various bike route layouts and pit stop locations for Ride Day. On the day of the event, Route Logistics manages the routes and helps to coordinate all teams on the route to create a great, safe riding experience.

Route Troupe (Ride Day)
Captain: Scott Wahl, Tony West
Posted on the route with another person at: low water crossings, easily-missed or sharp turns, etc, to direct and cheer riders (and the occasional lost SAG vehicle ;-))!

Signage (Friday and Ride Day)
Captain: Torsten Weirich
Works with Route Logistics to put out and retrieve directional and inspirational signs on Ride routes, encouraging, guiding, and thanking riders along the way.

Specialty Crew Opportunities

After riding miles in the Texas sun and hills, the riders truly appreciate a massage or adjustment. Acupuncture and other forms of body work are always in need for this team. Treatments are primarily done Saturday at camp, but are also offered at the lunch pit stop out on the route. Proof of registration/licensure is required.

Captain: Amanda McDonough
Our Ride-day medical team is comprised of medical professionals providing basic first aid to participants at HQ and each pit stop. Physicians, nurses, EMT/paramedics, athletic trainers, physical therapists, or other healthcare workers are needed. Proof of registration/licensure is required.

If you have questions or would like to know more about the Hill Country Ride for AIDS, please contact us.


Volunteer Any Time of the Year!

Help us plan and prepare for the big event which takes place in April, including:

Ride Promotion - Represent the Hill Country Ride Table at special community events such as LiveStrong, PRIDE, and AIDS Walk. Help us staff the table and get others excited about joining us on the Hill Country Ride.

Poster Distribution - We provide the posters, you provide the leg work!

Kick Off Party - In January come help with set up, working the event, and/or tear down. It’s a great kick-off to a fantastic ride season.

Office Work - We can use help from time to time getting things ready for up-coming events, for pick-ups and deliveries, and for general office tasks. It’s a casual environment where you can make a difference.

If you're interested in any of these opportunities please contact the Ride Office: or (512) 371-RIDE (7433)