HCRA JoyRides (Routes Are Subject to Change)

2022 JoyRide Schedule with dates and times


2022 JoyRide Schedule with dates and times  

**Wheels down 30 minutes after meet up time.

COMPLETED JOYRIDES (Feel Free To Use These Routes For Your Own Rides!)

Cocoa Social (map) (**Rescheduled for Sun. Feb 13th**)

Cocoa Social + Beneficiary Tour (map)

Veloway (map)

Southern Walnut Creek Trail  [Maps per mileage]| (40 mile) (29 mile) (20 mile)

Avita Pharmacy JoyRide (map)

Last Stand Joyride and Social  [Maps per mileage]| (27 mile) or (12 mile) *** Meetup at 10:30AM, Ride Out 11AM (Due to Weather)

Cedar Park Cruise (map)

Social JoyRide (map)

Martindale JoyRide (map)

Georgetown Cruise JoyRide (map)

Blessing of the Bicycles (Event)  

Mt. Gainer Scenic Tour (12 mile) or (42 mile)

Trek Parmer JoyRide (map)


Barton Springs Loop and Social Maps per Mileage (13 mile) or (29 mile)

Date: Saturday, April 23rd, 2022 

Meet up: 8:30am (29 mile Loop) or 9:30am (13 mile Social)

Location: Barton Springs Pool South Entrance, 800 Azie Morton Road, Austin, TX 78704

Mileage: 13-29 mile routes available. 

Description: Easy to moderate. A fun, in-town ride! Jumping in Barton Springs once you're finished riding is a nice way to cool off. Bring your helmet and water bottle! 

JoyRides Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While we're on the topic, check out this JoyRide FAQ:

Q: If there's a chance of rain, will JoyRides still happen? 

A: Great question! Typically, a chance of rain means there could be dampness in the air or maybe some mist or maybe nothing. Scattered drizzle or fog generally isn't a threat, so we will still ride in those conditions. If the temperature looks plenty warm, that also helps a lot! If there is ever a downpour or lightning the morning of a JoyRide, then it will most likely be canceled or delayed. 

Q: What's it take for the HCRA to cancel a JoyRide?

A: Safety. When the air is 40 degrees or below (tomorrow is looking way too cold) or if the rain is heavy enough to put our riders in danger, then we'll cancel. 

Q: If a JoyRide is canceled, how will I be notified?

A: Another great question! We post changes or cancelations in three places: (1) The Facebook event for that JoyRide. (2) The HCRA Facebook page. (3) On the JoyRide schedule on the HCRA website here

Q: Any tips on what to wear to a JoyRide?

A: The HCRA is a judgment-free, intimidation-free, fun & festive environment. There's a reason we squeeze into cycling spandex -- padding. But you do you, boo! On cold days, wear layers. Gloves ease the vibration on your hands, sunglasses keep the glare and debris out of your sky blue eyes. Helmets, however, are required. Bringing your water bottle and sunscreen is always recommended! 

Q: What about spare tires, etc.?

A: It's always good to ride with a spare tire and the tools to fix it. If you haven't learned how to change a flat, our ride leaders will be there to help if you get a flat. Watch for days when we offer a clinic on this. ("Clinic" is a strong term. It's a few of our favorite people showing you how to change a flat, answering questions, sharing stories of their experiences with flat tires, and it's usually followed by some kind of search for breakfast tacos.)

Q: How can I review the route or load the route onto my phone?

A: You can click here to see all the JoyRides (one per weekend. Spread out by N, S, E, W, and varying difficulty) and the maps to view or load onto your phone. The HCRA's RidewithGPS account that houses all our JoyRide maps even allows you to access voice navigation. Additionally, we provide printed cue sheets with turn-by-turn instructions at the start of each JoyRide. 

Q: While we're talking about JoyRides...I'm not an experienced cyclist. Should I be worried?

A: You're not experienced? Then this is the place for YOU! This is WHY we have these rides, so you can get ready for April 30th while connecting with other HCRA participants. We have ALL levels of cyclists. Some riders leave the rest of us in their dust. Some hang out in different groups or alone. Some riders are beginners and aren't super fast. Know this -- no rider gets left behind. Dale is our "caboose" and will not let anyone fall behind on their own. It's a very welcoming, friendly group. 

Q: What happens after these JoyRides?

A: Some folks keep riding. Some go home and take a nap. Usually, there's a group of people who decide on a place to go get tacos or lunch. Join us!

Q: You didn't answer my question. What do I do now?

A: You can click here to email Taylor your specific question. He loves getting emails. (It makes him feel loved.)