Ride Policies

1. Orientations

All orientation schedules will be posted 4-6 weeks before ride day.


We have an orientation for riders who are doing their FIRST Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Returning riders are always welcome! At orientation you will get an idea of how the Ride works, review safety and other rules of the Ride, and meet other riders.

Volunteer Crew

An orientation is mandatory for all volunteer crew. Your crew leaders will contact you with the date and time of your orientation shortly after you register. If you have questions, please contact us at info@hillcountryride.org.

2. Daily Check-In/Check-Out

The morning of the Ride, you will wear your ride bib and helmet number from your packet. If you leave the route at any time during the day, you must first contact a Ride official or call the Ride’s emergency phone number. This system will ensure that all participants are accounted for and safe.

3. Riding Hours

You can begin riding only when the route is opened by the Ride Director. At 4:00 PM the ride route closes, and SAG and sweep vehicles will pick up all riders remaining on the road and take them to Krause Springs. Thank you for obeying pit stop and route opening and closing times. If you arrive at a pit stop after it has closed, SAG & Sweep can take you to the next pit stop or to Krause Springs.

4. Vehicles

To reduce traffic and keep riders safe, friends and family may not drive along the route. Encourage them to join you at Krause Springs for the start and finish of the Ride, and for the closing ceremonies and dinner. Some roads are very narrow, and we try to limit any excess traffic for the safety of the riders and other motorists. We have directions to Krause Springs that avoid the Ride route.

5. Camping

Riders and Crew are free to camp out at Krause Springs after the Ride is over on Saturday night. We have reserved a group of tent sites for Hill Country Riders for Friday and/or Saturday night. You need to contact Krause Springs to reserve one - all tent camping is on a first come first serve basis. Tent and RV camping is available.

6. Ride Courtesy

We want our hosts, as well as our riders and volunteers, to have a positive experience on the Hill Country Ride for AIDS. Please follow these rules:

a) Common courtesy.
b) Ride single file.
c) Obey all traffic signals and rules of the road.
d) Don’t litter at camp or on the road.
e) Respect the campsite and the local communities through which we are passing.
f) If you are camping, camp only where designated and in your tent.
g) Be respectful of staff and volunteers.

There will be hundreds of volunteer crew members on the Ride performing numerous functions to assure a smooth and safe Ride. Treat everyone with respect. Any violation of these will result in immediate expulsion from the Ride.

7. Leaving the Ride

Participants who wish to leave prior to the Ride's conclusion or who are expelled will be given information and advice on transportation home. Actual transportation, including all related costs, is the responsibility of the participant.

8. Conclusion of Ride

The Ride is over after the ceremonies and celebration on Saturday evening. All Ride services, including medical and food/water, will stop at 4:00 pm. The Hill Country Ride for AIDS has no responsibility upon the conclusion of the ceremonies and celebration dinner. Participants who camp overnight are subject to all rules and regulation set forth by Krause Springs.

Thank you for respecting and following the Ride rules and policies, which were enacted for everyone's safety and enjoyment. Your presence helps us to maintain our great relationships with our sponsors and hosts. Thanks for being such an important part of the success of the Hill Country Ride!

Safety Policies

Our first priority on the Hill Country Ride for AIDS is your safety. The Ride takes safety very seriously. We care about the safety and well being of our riders and volunteer crew.

1. Helmets

All Hill Country Ride participants must wear an ANSI-, CPCS-, or ASTM-approved helmet on the Ride and any riding events (i.e. training rides).

2. Directions/Instructions

Hill Country Ride participants must always follow directions/instructions given by a Ride official, including staff and volunteer crew. All riders must adhere to the Ride route.

3. Take Responsibility

You have a responsibility not only for your safety, but also for the safety of your fellow riders. Your actions on a bicycle affect others, including other riders, motorists, and pedestrians.

4. Ask

If you are unsure about what safe riding behavior is, ask. Never be afraid to ask questions about safe riding.

5. Unsafe Riding

Unsafe riding behavior or disregarding the Ride policies or procedures is cause for immediate expulsion from the Ride.

6. No Pets

As a rule, no pets are allowed at Krause Springs.

Safety Rules

  • Ride single file
  • No earphones/cell phones/portable radios while riding
  • No drafting
  • Obey all rules of the road
  • Pass on left
  • Use proper hand signals
  • Watch for debris and other road hazards
  • Don’t create road hazards
  • Be courteous of drivers
  • Be courteous of other cyclists