Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Tucson Subaru Pets of Pima Parade?

Exactly what it sounds like! It's a chance for people to parade the pets that they love. And the Parade isn't limited to just dogs—animals of all types and sizes can come. Spectators can enjoy the Parade and the Friends of PACC Festival following the Parade.

How long is the Parade Route?

.66 to .75 miles, depending on your order in the Parade. The route is an "L" shape. Map coming soon!

What is the Cat Convoy?

We recognize that most cats aren't the best leash walkers. But we love cats, so we have created several ways for cat owners to participate. Options include:

- Walk with your cat, either with a leash, stroller, or carry.

- Ride with your cat on one of the convoy vehicles.

- Or send us your name, your cat's name, and a photo of your cat, and we'll make a PET-SICLE representation that you can carry in the Parade!

What is Pet Pride?

We recognize that not all companion animals are cats or dogs. Pet Pride is for these people and pets. You are welcome to participate with various pets, including pigs, goats, chickens, hamsters, guinea pigs, reptiles, birds, etc. We have to keep the Parade moving, so please consider whether your pet should be walked, carried, or pulled in a wagon. (Wagons not provided). Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate horses at this time.

What if my dog isn't the best behaved?

Safety is the first concern. You know best your dog's demeanor around other people, dogs, and commotion. The staging area and parade route are big, so it will be possible to maintain distance from other dogs if necessary. We will have the animals separated from the music and other distractions.

Concerned it might be too much for your pup? No worries—you can walk and represent your beloved dog with a printed PET-SICLE! Once you have registered, send us your name, your dog's name, and a photo of your dog, and we will print a custom PET-SICLE for you to carry in the Parade. 

Can I bring multiple pets or people?

Registration is per person. We strongly recommend one pet per person. If you have multiple pets, we strongly encourage you have additional people to handle each pet. Kids 17 and under can register at no cost.

When exactly does it start?

On Sunday, February 18, promptly at 10 am. A pre-registration event will be at a site TBA. We anticipate everyone will have completed the Parade route by 11:30 am.

How do I participate with friends?

We anticipate many participants, so connecting with friends onsite could be a challenge. The best way to communicate with friends will be to set up a Team. We will give Teams a queue location—making it easier to walk together.   

Do I have to fundraise, or can I just donate the registration?

If you aren't comfortable fundraising, you are welcome to donate the entire $50 to participate. Just keep in mind that many of your friends and coworkers are likely also animal lovers and might enjoy supporting you and the pets in need.

How are you handling COVID-19 concerns?

Safety is our first concern. The Parade will adhere to all the safety requirements in place at the time of the event. We are working with the City and County to ensure the safest event possible.

Can I support without walking in the Parade?

Of course! You can donate to support people and pets participating or make a general donation. Or you can just come to watch the Parade and provide encouragement for all the fantastic animals.

Where do I park?

We will post parking information as the event gets closer.