Team Willow

Meet Willow! Willow is an adorable 7-month-old pup who needs our help. She has a ton of spirit, energy, and puppy love. Unfortunately, she has a significantly disfigured forelimb and elbow dysplasia, greatly impacting her ability to do everything puppies do. She loves to play and walk like other pups, but her disability limits her from doing all her favorite things.

Fortunately, there is a fix for her disfigured limb and elbow dysplasia, and Friends of PACC is committed to getting Willow the treatment she needs, but that will require her to visit an off-site specialist. The veterinarian feels that if we can get her the necessary medical treatment while she’s still young, Willow will live a full and happy life.

Willow and her foster family will be participating in the Tucson Subaru Pets of Pima Parade on February 18. We thought this event would be an excellent opportunity to raise support for Willow's medical care. Friends of PACC is launching Team Willow, and all registrations and donations for Team Willow will go toward this amazing pup's much-needed medical care.

According to her fosters, Willow is quite the love bug. Help us show Willow ‘the love’ by joining or supporting Team Willow and help us give Willow the care she deserves. Then join us on February 18 to cheer Willow on!
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Team Willow