Facebook Fundraising

How to Create A WCS Run for the Wild Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook can be a powerful way to let your friends know that you're running for wildlife, and why it matters. And the funds you raise with your WCS Run for the Wild Facebook Fundraiser will count towards your fundraising total and help you earn prizes!

Here's how to get started:

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Select "Fundraisers" from the left side menu (bottom right if you're using the Facebook mobile app)
  3. Click the "Raise Money" button
  4. Select "Nonprofit"
  5. Type in and select "Wildlife Conservation Society"
  6. Set your goal - remember $35 is the fundraising minimum and $300 gets you an official umbrella!
  7. Schedule your fundraiser to end on April 30th! We can't wait to see you there!
  8. Create a title for your fundraiser. Your title MUST include "Run for the Wild" in order for your Facebook Fundraiser to count toward your Run fundraising.
  9. Add your personal story or use this one we created:
    I'll be making tracks for wildlife when I participate in WCS Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo on April 30. The money I raise for this run will help fund WCS's critical work to save wildlife around the globe.
    This year, WCS's Run for the Wild is inspired by hornills. With their striking appearance, prehensile tails, complex social structures, and diverse variety of colors and species, these animals are iconic and beloved. They're also endangered.
    Animals around the world are going extinct 10,000 times faster than ever before. WCS is working to give wildlife a fighting chance. And I'm running to help them.
  10. Here are some image options to personalize your fundraiser:
    Facebook Fundraising Image: HornbillFacebook Fundraising Image: HornbillFacebook Fundraising Image: Hornbill
  11. Post it to your page, add a link to your Run for the Wild fundraiser, and share it with your friends!

    Log into Facebook

Please note, it may take a day or two for your Facebook donations to be reflected on your Run for the Wild fundraising page.