2020 Hill Country Ride for AIDS

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Becoming a rider in the Hill Country Ride for AIDS can be one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do in your life! The community of kindness that is the HCRA creates a bond and experience unlike any other. Coming together in the name of love to help those who desperately need it helps us all radiate love!

This is a RIDE, not a RACE. You will see riders of ALL ages and levels on April 25th. There are those who push themselves farther than ever to accomplish the century route, but the majority of riders are out there taking their time, enjoying the pitstops (total parties), laughing with friends along the way, and reveling in both the beauty of the scenery and their own accomplishment. Everyone who crosses that finish line is a hero to those affected by HIV and AIDS in our community. Many recipients of your hard work will be there to thank you and congratulate you!

The ride is fully supported – SAG (Support and Gear) vehicles patrol the routes constantly to help riders in any way, beautiful Route Troupe volunteers line the routes to direct you and keep you safe, and 7 famous Pitstops welcome you throughout the routes to offer sustenance, encouragement, and dance music to make this the longest, funnest, most loving party you'll ever go to!

This is a fundraiser – a CRITICALLY needed fundraiser – benefiting 9 local AIDS service organizations in and around Austin, Texas. Every rider commits to raising $500 (or $250 for first-time riders) in order to ride on April 25th. This is how we help people get the medication they require to live, offer testing and prevention to see that the INCREASING number of HIV cases in Austin gets lowered, provide hospice care, and ensure all other necessary services are available to those in need. Click here to see where the money goes. Click here to learn more about the commitment.

It's easier than you think!

Most riders worry about reaching their $500 commitment (or $250 commitment for first-time riders) but find that it's MUCH easier than expected. We offer lots of tips, tools, and support to help you reach that goal! Your friends and family love you and are always willing to support a cause that's important to you. We are there to help them understand your goal and give them easy ways to help you reach it. You will have your own personal Rider Page on our website. From there you can send out already–crafted emails, connect to social media platforms, and find other ways to connect with donors. You can TOTALLY do this!

Not convinced yet? Last year, the average first-time rider who received at least one donation raised an incredible $475! For returning riders with at least one donation the average was an astonishing $1,257! 

There are JoyRide training rides every weekend starting February 1st until April 18th. No matter what level rider you are or what distance you've chosen, these rides help you prepare. More than anything, though, they connect you to other riders and the heart of the HCRA community. Network together for cycling and fundraising tips! Ride together to radiate love!

Also, click here to check out our Rider Guide for more tips and information!

Don't have a bike?? Don't worry! Go see the AMAZING folks at Bicycle Sport Shop to buy new or used or to rent a bike for April 25th! It's very reasonable – you don't want to miss out! Or... become a volunteer! Click here to find volunteer opportunities! We need YOU!