Facebook fiend? Twitter titan? Insta-enthusiast? You're in the right place! Here's how to turn your social media prowess into points and climb the leader board:

A quick note before we get into the fun stuff:  start by linking your social media accounts to your Ride page! Scoot your cursor over to your profile photo on the top right, click "Edit Profile," then scroll to the bottom to reach the "Social Accounts" section.

- Earn 25 points for each friend you recruit for the Ride

- Earn 25 points for each video you add

- Earn 10 points for each photo you add

- Earn 10 points every time you tweet, or when someone retweets or favorites one of your tweets (IMPORTANT: you can either tweet from Twitter or from your Ride page using the hashtag #HCRA2020)

- Earn 10 points every time you make a Facebook post through your Ride page (IMPORTANT: don't start the post on Facebook! Instead, use the Red "Invite your Friends" button - look for it on your main page or the main site banner, or check out the "Ask your Friends" section of your fundraising page)

- Earn 10 points every time you make an Instagram post (IMPORTANT: post using your Instagram app - and don't forget the hashtag #HCRA2020)

- Earn 2 points for every dollar you donate

- Earn 1 point for every dollar you raise

- Earn 1 point every time your video is viewed (so don't forget to tweet about it, and post it on Facebook, and maybe put a brief clip on Instagram...)