2020 Hill Country Ride for AIDS

Hill Country Ride For AIDS Teams FAQ’s

What is a team?

Any group of two or more riders is a team!

Do I have to be on a team in order to ride?

No, there is no requirement to be on a team, but we encourage you to consider joining a team since it’s a great way to meet new people, get your friends, family, co-workers to join you on the Ride, and raise even more money to help people living with AIDS

If I do want to form a team, does it have to be sponsored by a corporation or other business?

No, although corporate teams are a great way to raise money to help those living with AIDS since many corporations match individual and team fundraising efforts. Any group including families, friends, co-workers, congregations, clubs, associations and anyone else who wants to ride as a group is welcome to form a team!

If I do want to form a corporate or company team, what is required of my company?

Nothing is required of your company other than having cool employees who are willing to form a team to participate in this great adventure and help so many others in the process. If you do form a corporate/company team, however, please ask whether your company has a matching policy for charitable fundraising. Many companies have such policies and if yours does, by filling out a simple form, you can double your team’s fundraising efforts and double your help to the community.

I’m not a conformist – if I’m on a team, do we all have to wear matching jerseys?

That’s your call – many groups feel that it builds team spirit, but it’s certainly not required. Our teams focus much more on unity than uniformity so nonconformists can still fit in and have a great time on a team!

If I’m on a team, does my team have to stay together on our bikes during the ride itself – what if I’m faster or slower than my teammates?

No worries – just like the Ride itself, teams are made up of riders of all ability and experience levels. Each team member should go at his or her own pace. There is no need to go along with your teammates unless you’d like to. The only requirement is to have fun and be safe!

Friends of mine are forming a team and want me to join, but I can’t afford a bike – is there any way I could still do the ride?

Of course- many of our riders don’t have bikes of their own, and still pedal up and down all those hills on ride weekend to help those living with AIDS! If you have a gym membership, you can train for the ride by attending spin classes. Running is also good cross training to get your biking muscles ready to pedal. And there are several great places in town that will rent you a high quality road bike at a reasonable rate for ride weekend. Feel free to call the ride at 512-371-RIDE for more ideas and suggestions.

If I join a team, does each member of the team still have to raise at least $500 (or $250 for first time riders)?

Yes – the minimum fundraising requirement is the same, whether you ride as an individual or on a team. This is how we are now the largest fundraiser for AIDS in Central Texas, and how we are able to help so many people in our community who are living with HIV and AIDS. But don’t be intimidated – it’s easier than you think. When you tell people what you’re doing, they will WANT to support you and this great cause. Most people start out thinking they can’t possibly raise this much money, but then go on to raise even more than the minimum. Every year, the average participant has raised over $1,000!

I’m really interested about building a team, but I’m not sure how to get started – are there any resources to help me?

You bet – we’re here to help you be successful and accomplish your goals. We have special volunteers who are happy to help you recruit riders and raise funds by working with you. Please contact the Ride at 512-371-RIDE for help and ideas.