Bike to Beat Cancer 2024

Training for the Ride

Before you begin any training, talk with your physician about your new exercise routine. 

We recommend you join our Bike to Beat Cancer training program.  Training will help you prepare for the big event!  The Norton Sports Health team is here to help keep you healthy while preparing for the Bike to Beat Cancer. Riders of all skill levels can train safely while enjoying their time preparing for the ride.  

2024 Group Training Rides

Please check our training & events calendar HERE for details, as they become available.

Saturday, May 11 - 9 a.m. - Norton Cancer Institute Brownsboro

Saturday, June 8 - 8:30 a.m. - Big Four Station, Jeffersonville, IN

Sunday, July 21 - 9 a.m. - The Parklands, Louisville, KY

Saturday, August 10 - 10 a.m. - Big Four Station, Jeffersonville, IN

All training dates/times/locations are subject to change.

Looking for additional ways to train with some riding buddies?
Check out the Louisville Bicycle Club ride schedule here, or the Southern Indiana Wheelmen ride calendar here!

Stay Informed

Training ride updates will be listed on Bike to Beat Cancer’s website, Facebook or email
for further details.  We will also be sending text reminders to those who opted in to receive text messages.  
Not sure if you are opted in to receive text messages? Email to confirm. Rides may be canceled due to bad weather.  

Equipment & Attire

What kind of bike should I have to ride in the Bike to Beat Cancer?

We recommend a road, mountain or hybrid bike because of the gear selections and ease of operation over variable distances.  You will receive a 15% discount for your participation in the Bike to Beat Cancer at Scheller's Fitness and Cycling, our Bike Tech partner.

What do I need to wear for training and for the event?


Without question, a helmet is the most important thing you need to wear while on a bicycle. Make sure your helmet fits, is properly adjusted and does not restrict your vision or breathing. You are required to wear a helmet to participate in the Bike to Beat Cancer.


Cycling shorts are probably the best tool you can have to avoid a sore and uncomfortable rear end. Special padding wicks away moisture and puts the proper amount of cushioning in the right place. Cycling shorts are available in form-fitting and baggy versions.

Cycling jersey

Wearing a long- or short-sleeved cycling jersey is always a good idea. A cycling jersey will have pockets in the back where you can store your cellphone, identification and snacks. You will be provided with a Bike to Beat Cancer jersey if you are riding 35, 65 or 100 miles. Our Spin Rider, Family Riders and 15-mile Riders will receive a Bike to Beat Cancer T-shirt.


Before purchasing shoes, first decide your comfort level with bicycle pedal options. Are you are ready for a clip-in style pedal or do you prefer a flat platform pedal? If you are new to cycling, you may want to stay with a platform pedal so you can set your foot down easier, maintain control and get used to riding your bicycle. Once you have a basic mastery of your bike, you can upgrade to a clip-in style pedal-and-shoe combo. Clip-in style pedals and shoes offer a huge advantage over standard platform pedals: They allow you to maximize your pedal stroke because you are pulling up as well pushing down on the pedals. This combined motion transfers more power and efficiency to the bike’s rear wheel. 

Help! I Still Have More Questions!

The Bike to Beat Cancer team is here to help answer any questions you might have about riding in the event. Feel free to call us at (502) 420-4299 or email us at