Splash 'n' Dash 2023

TOOLS for Fundraising Success

Use these five fundraising tips to help you reach your goal!

•  Talk about why: Make your fundraising page personal. Tell people why you are raising money and why the cause is important to you. Use photos, stories or a description of how your donation will make a difference to make your fundraiser unique.

•  Online tools: Your online dashboard makes sending messages related to your fundraiser super simple. Emails asking for support and thanking donors are already available, and can even be customized with a personal message. Send emails to motivate your team and track fundraising progress through your online account.

•  Offline donations: Think about something you can sell or a service you can provide to raise funds offline. Yard sales, bake sales and lemonade stands are easy fundraisers. Ask for a donation for a service such as mowing lawns, shoveling snow or tutoring. Use your imagination to think of creative ways to fundraise. All cash or checks can be added to your fundraising page as an offline donation to help you reach your goal faster.

•  Look for matches: Many employers offer matching gift programs that could double your contribution. Double donations faster by asking friends, family or co-workers to sponsor you by matching your fundraising efforts. Be sure to ask all of your supporters if their employers match gifts, and make sure they get their gifts doubled too.

•  Social strategy: Use the power of your social media network to raise even more money. Share your personal fundraising page, and ask your friends to both give and share your page. When you receive a donation from someone you know, post a thank-you message and tag the donor. Have a strategy and ask your network for a specific donation amount like $10 or $25.